Older KTM bikes get new riding modes via software update

Earlier in May of this year, the Austrian sports bike manufacturer KTM unveiled the 2022 390 Adventure at a price of Rs. 3.35 lakhs ex-showroom commanding a premium of Rs. 7,000. The company introduced a few new features in the model which the previous bike didn’t come with. These updates included the all-important two traction control modes namely Street and Off-Road mode. The previous 390 Adventure missed out on these features at the time of its launch but in order to please the old customers and their bikes, the company announced that it will be offering an update for the traction control system.

Older KTM bikes get new riding modes via software update

On the older model, KTM plans to incorporate the riding modes available with the 2022 390 Adventure via a small dealer-level update. The company sent a letter to all its dealers in which they have been given updated ABS software Hex files and comprehensive instructions for enabling riding modes on older 390 Adventure models. According to the leaked internal document, the KTM dealers are required to flash the systems of older models with the updated firmware that is encoded within the given hex file. Following this, the previous model 390 Adventure will get a fresh ROM loaded with the ride modes, along with any recently updated riding modes.

The new riding modes of the 390 Adventure – the Street mode and the Off-road mode help the riders in selecting the level of traction according to the type of driving they are doing. In the Street mode the traction control will work normally while in Off-road mode the system will allow a limited amount of slip before kicking in. This will help the riders while off-roading. Moreover, the motorcycle won’t reset to the Street mode in case it falls or stalls. This has been done because while off-roading, it is bound to happen that a person would fall while riding.

Other than that the 12-spoke alloy wheels have been replaced with a new set of 5-spoke units. KTM claims that the new alloy wheels are stiffer and should be able to take impacts better despite having fewer spokes. Then there are two new colours, there is Dark Galvano Black and KTM Factory Racing Blue. There are no further changes to the 390 Adventure.

Older KTM bikes get new riding modes via software update

In terms of power, it retains a 373 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine which at 9,000 rpm, produces 43.5 PS of maximum power and 37 Nm of peak torque. The engine is paired to a 6-speed manual transmission with a fast shifter. Braking duties are still performed by 320 mm discs in the front and 280 mm discs in the rear. A dual-channel anti-lock braking system is also available from KTM. WP Up-side down forks in the front and a mono-shock in the rear handle suspension responsibilities.

In other KTM news, the company earlier in February of this year revealed that they are working on the development of an all-electric bike which could be named the E-Duke. The company also revealed that the upcoming EV motorcycle E-Duke will be powered by a 10kW motor and feature a 5.5kWh battery pack. Additionally, it is expected that the E-Duke will be based on KTM’s Swedish counterpart Husqvarna’s E-Pilen – a concept bike which was shown last year.