ORIGINAL 1944 WWII Ford GPW restored in India [Video]

Jeeps are known for their deep heritage that is linked to world wars. Because they are too old, they need to be restored which has now become a business in itself. There are some people who like to do it yourself. Here, is a video that showcases the original Ford GPW from 1944 that belongs to World War 2. The video has been uploaded by Bhopali Tales on their YouTube channel.

The Jeep belongs to Davender Singh Rajawat from Jaipur. He got the Jeep from one of his friends. It took almost 10 years for him to restore the vehicle. The parts of the Jeep were sourced from Pune and Bhopal.

The SUV has a rare bumper installed on it. Then there is a winch installed which is currently missing the gear. There is also a working siren placed on the right fender of the SUV. The owner then opens up the bonnet to show the engine. There is a lubricating chart and a grease gun placed beneath the bonnet.

ORIGINAL 1944 WWII Ford GPW restored in India [Video]

It is running on the original GPW engine. One of the special things about this particular Jeep is that it has many original parts with GPW F mark on them. Even the horn from Spartan is original and is in working condition. The original wiring of the Jeep was destroyed but luckily he found intact wiring that belonged 1941 to 1944 Jeep so he used that.

The Jeep is left-hand drive and comes with a compass so that the driver can check for directions. Because the compass is so old, the direction markings on it have been removed. There is even a light placed beneath the steering column so that the driver can read the map at night. The fire extinguisher, pedals, seats, meters, hand brakes all are original and are F marked. One interesting thing is that there is a Coca Cola opener mounted on the dashboard because the founder of Coca Cola gave the cold drinks to the soldier. The owner even has some original bottles.

ORIGINAL 1944 WWII Ford GPW restored in India [Video]

There is a rifle case mounted above the steering wheel for the soldiers to store their gun. There are data placed mounted on the right side that is very rare to find. The plate shows the manufacturing of the Jeep which is 25th May 1944. The steering wheel is also in its original colour. Beneath the passenger seat, there is a radio box mounted and the owner has placed the original jack there also.

There is a jerry that can be mounted behind the right fender for water which is easily accessible to the soldiers. Then there is a mini shovel hanged off a handle which is unique because it is foldable and can be used in multiple angles. The owner says it is one of his favourite elements of the Jeep. There is also a bag mounted that contains the original grease gun, original hammer, blackout lights and a snout for the petrol tank. Even the seat canvas and the screws of the Jeep is original. All the reflectors are original and haven’t been replaced till now.

It is commendable of the buyer to collect and maintain such a vintage Jeep because souring these parts would cost a fortune and are not easy. It is not every day that you get to see a working Jeep from 1944. The dedication and enthusiasm that the owner shows towards his Jeep show how proud he is of his collection.