Out-of-control Honda City saved by side barrier

We often look at the safety railings on the side of the highways and wonder if they are ever useful. Well, yes they are very useful and they save a lot of cars from falling into the deep valleys or jump the divider to fall on the opposite lane. Here is one such video from Himachal Pradesh, where an out of control Honda City got saved by the side railing.

The video is by One Minute Show on YouTube shows an older-generation Honda City getting saved by the side railing. The short video taken from the dashboard camera of another car has recorded the incident.

In the video, the Honda City overtakes the vehicle with the dashboard camera from the left-hand side. However, there is a tractor parked in that lane. To avoid the collision with the tractor, the Honda City driver makes a sharp right.

Out-of-control Honda City saved by side barrier

That is when the vehicle goes out of control in the video. The Honda City loses its rear end and swerves hard. The driver of the Honda City moves the steering to the opposite direction quickly and the rear comes out again. The Honda City then hits the safety railing and got saved from falling down in the deep valley.

It could have been a disaster for the Honda City if there was no side-railing on the road. These safety railings are made out of strong steel and can handle the weight of even bigger and heavier vehicles like trucks and buses.

Never overtake from left

incidents are quite common on Indian roads and many of them result in fatal accidents. While overtaking, one should always check the way ahead and overtake only if it is clear and there is enough space. It is always a good idea to wait for the clear road ahead rather than blindly following a vehicle on the roads.

Also, since it is quite difficult to get the right of way from the slow-moving heavy vehicles, overtaking from the left is something everyone does nowadays. However, whenever possible, always try to overtake from the right-hand side of a vehicle because that’s the safest thing to do.

One should be extremely careful while overtaking in the mountains. Most people try to overtake on the blind corners that can lead to head-on collisions with vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Modern vehicles with ESP can save a vehicle from such situations. ESP automatically applies the brakes on independent wheels to ensure that the car does not go out of control. However, most of the vehicles plying on on the Indian roads do not have this crucial safety feature.