Out-of-control tanker truck causes 48 car pile up on Bangalore-Pune highway: Many injured [Video]

Pune-Bengaluru highway saw a major accident on Sunday evening. At least 48 vehicles were damaged in a major traffic pile-up accident on the road. Rescue teams from the Pune fire brigade and the Pune metropolitan Region Development Authority rushed to the spot. The footage and pictures from the accident site show the massive pile-up and mangled remains of many vehicles.

According to the police, the accident was caused by an oil tanker that lost control. It happened on a downward slope on the Pune-Bengaluru highway. The downward slope increased the severity of the accident. The accident caused the oil from the tanker to spill over on the road. While the exact reasons for the accident remain unknown, it is likely because of a possible brake failure.

There are possibilities of the driver overspeeding and losing control too. Apart from the damaged vehicles, there was no loss of life. However, many people involved in the crash were injured. They were shifted to a local hospital. According to the officials, about six people were injured in the pile-up accident.

Out-of-control tanker truck causes 48 car pile up on Bangalore-Pune highway: Many injured [Video]

The accident happened at about 8:30 pm night and affected the traffic spread over 500 metres. The reasons why the traffic was stagnant or slowing down remain unknown.

Multi-car pile-ups are not new

Fog causes a lot of pile-up accidents in the Northern part of the country. A similar pile-up happened on the Agra-Lucknow expressway a few years ago. The incident caused by an accident caused a pile-up of more than 50 cars.

The person making the video explained that a few cars had hit the pile-up after the initial accident. It is not clear which vehicles were initially involved in the accident.

Due to the extremely low visibility, more cars can be seen coming at high speed and hitting the piled-up vehicles. The onlookers ask the occupants of the vehicles to come out of the vehicles quickly as they sense more oncoming vehicles.

In the end, more vehicles were spotted coming at high speed and ramming the pile-up. All the occupants seen in the video seem to be hurt and most probably were not wearing seatbelts, especially the passengers sitting in the rear. No casualty has been reported from the incident yet.

Indian highways are unpredictable

Indian roads and highways see one of the highest numbers of fatal accidents in the world. It is almost impossible to escape from a pile-up accident. Also not proper inspection of heavy vehicles that ply the roads causes a lot of such accidents. In the past, most accidents involving heavy vehicles on the roads have turned out to be fatal.

It is always advisable to be extra careful on the highways as the chances of high-speed accidents are quite high. It is important to always maintain the speed limit on Indian roads to be safe. Even when the roads are empty, stray animals or cattle have unrestricted access to most of the roads, and they are highly unpredictable.

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