India’s Loudest Maruti Brezza Diesel Looks Just As Loud [Video]

Modified Maruti Suzuki Brezz diesel

People that love cars will modify anything and everything they can. Generally, we see that diesel cars in India only get aesthetic modifications and not anything related to the mechanical side. However, recently a video showing an outrageously modified Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Brezza diesel has been shared online. This particular diesel Brezza has been given a custom exhaust, and it sounds extremely loud and obnoxious.


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The video of this outlandish Maruti Suzuki Brezza has been shared on Instagram by Mr. Yash OG. It starts with a post mentioning that the owner took offense to the statement that diesel cars cannot be given exhausts. The video seems to be the owner’s reply to the critics that say diesel cars couldn’t be modified.

The video then shows the car revving to the redline while being stationary. It then highlights the custom exhaust note coming out of the new exhaust system installed by the owner. It can also be noted that a lot of white smoke is coming from the exhaust pipes. Apart from this, it can be heard that the exhaust has been given a pops and bangs tune, which enhances its sound quality.

What is this white smoke?

India’s Loudest Maruti Brezza Diesel Looks Just As Loud [Video]

A lot of netizens in the post shared by the owner of this car have commented that its engine has blown. They are saying this because white smoke from diesel cars generally signifies a blown head gasket. However, the owner of this car has assured that it is due to the lack of catalytic converters and the specific pops and bangs tune added to this car.

Other modifications done on this Brezza

India’s Loudest Maruti Brezza Diesel Looks Just As Loud [Video]

From the outside, as we can note, this Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Brezza has been extensively modified. From a glance, it looks very busy and cluttered, and to be honest, it looks a little outlandish. However, this is a very good eyeball catcher. This car is sure to make heads turn around when it gets driven on the roads.

Coming to the modifications done on this particular Brezza, it can be noted that the front has been given a brand new bumper and a grille. It appears that it is part of a custom body kit. The grille looks inspired by previous generation Audi cars. It also gets amber lights on this new blacked-out grille.

Apart from it, we can note a new and more aggressively designed bonnet. It too has been finished in high gloss black. The lower bumper gets additional LED DRLs on the side. Instead of normal fog lights, the owner has added projector headlights for added throw.

India’s Loudest Maruti Brezza Diesel Looks Just As Loud [Video]

Moving on to the side profile, the car gets a set of multi-spoke alloy wheels. The standard car came with 16-inch alloy wheels. However, these appear to be either 17 or 18-inch machine-finished alloy wheels. We can also note that the owner has added a unique-looking roof rack on top. He has also added a surf box for additional storage space.

Apart from these, the video also shows that there are flashing LED lights on the side of this surf box. Coming to the rear end of this car, it too gets a different bumper. It gets a very aggressive-looking diffuser and four vertically mounted fake exhaust tips. There is also an extended roof spoiler on top as well. It also gets new LED taillights.