Over 100 bikes including KTM RC200s & Duke 390s SEIZED by cops for ‘racing’

A special police team comprising of police offers from traffic and law and order wings of Visakhapatnam recently seized over 100 motorcycles and took their riders into custody on charges of racing, over-speeding, stunting and flouting various other traffic rules. The seized bikes include the KTM RC200 and the Duke 390, two very popular motorcycles among younger buyers craving for affordable high performance.

As per the police, all the riders that have been taken into the custody are in the age group of 16 to 30 years. Also, most of them are school or college dropouts. In fact, two of them even have criminal cases pending against them. Even the motorcycles running with illegal aftermarket silencers have been seized.

“We did not take them for speeding or racing only. Many have altered the company made silencers and put up designer number plates in violation of the prescribed norms. Many drivers were caught driving without licences,” said DCP (Law and Order) K. Fakkeerappa. During the drive, many minors were found driving vehicles. “We are verifying their age and other details. We’ll let them go after a counselling session with their parents. We will levy fines too,” said Mr. Fakkeerappa.

The police force is also developing a database to help them identify repeat offenders. This database will be shared with the police forces of other cities. In case of a repeat offence, cases will be registered against the culprit under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Act.

It has come to light that most of the bikers who have been caught racing on the public streets are members of local media sites, where they post the time and place of the race. The police force plans to take action against the admins of such sites.

It may be noted that it wasn’t an easy task for the police force to nab the speedsters. A team comprising of traffic, law and order officers was positioned in batches on the stretch from Bheemunipatnam to Naval Coast Battery. Stoppers were used on the escape routes.

“Despite the arrangements, a few bikers tried to dodge us to whom we gave a chase. Keeping in mind that they did not get injured, we played it safe. A few on spotting us stopped the bikes at the stoppers and ran away,” said ACP (Traffic) Kinjarapu Prabhakar.

The traffic police of Visakhapatnam is also developing a smartphone app that will be called ‘Eagle eye’. This app will enable citizens to report traffic violations. Users of this app can click or make videos of traffic violations and upload it on the police website, Facebook page or Twitter handle. The police force will then take necessary actions against the offenders. The police force is also getting in touch with motorcycle dealerships to install GPS on the bikes as an add-on feature. This will help the cops trace the motorcycles in case of theft. It can be also used to monitor over-speeding by a rider.

The KTM RC200 is a high-end sportsbike that’s fully faired and is meant to be ridden both on the track and street. The KTM Duke 390, on the other hand, is an unfaired sportsbike, meant mainly for street riding. While the KTM RC200 features a 200cc engine capable of putting out 25 Bhp, the KTM Duke 390 is a lot more powerful, and is equipped with a 373cc engine good for 44 Bhp.

Source – The Hindu