Over Rs. 2 lakh off on the Volkswagen Vento, Polo & Tiguan

The Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) emission norms are just months away, and German automaker Volkswagen, which will go petrol-only from April 2020, is offering hefty discounts on all its cars sold in India, barring the Passat luxury sedan. These discounts – upto Rs. 2.6 lakhs – are mainly meant to liquidate stocks ahead of the BS6 norms. The Volkswagen Polo, Vento, Ameo and Tiguan are seeing massive discounts, which should make them very attractive to those looking for solidly built, timelessly styled cars from the German brand. While the Volkswagen Polo – the brand’s entry level hatchback – gets a discount of up to Rs. 2.15 lakhs, the Ameo compact sedan (based on the Polo) gets discounts of up to Rs. 2.2 lakhs. The Volkswagen Vento C-Segment sedan gets dealer discounts of up to Rs. 2.6 lakhs while the Tiguan SUV gets a discount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. According to ACI, these dealer level discounts vary between models and cities.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift

The Polo is available with wide range of engines, beginning with the 1 liter-3 cylinder naturally aspirated motor that sits at the entry level to the 1.5 liter turbocharged TDI diesel and the 1.2 liter turbocharged TSI petrol – both 4 cylinder units – powering higher variants. The 1 liter petrol is a, gutless, underpowered motor, and we recommend that you either choose the 1.5 liter TDI turbo diesel or the 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol engine.

The former comes in two states of tune: 89 Bhp-220 Nm and 105 Bhp-250 Nm, both tunes getting 5 speed manual gearboxes. The latter gets a 7 speed twin clutch automatic gearbox as standard, and is offered with 105 Bhp-175 Nm outputs, on the Polo GT trim. Ex-showroom Delhi Prices start from Rs. 5.82 lakhs.

Volkswagen Ameo Gt Line

The Ameo shares its 1 liter-3 cylinder petrol engine and 5 speed manual gearbox with the Polo, and the turbocharged petrol motor is not available with this car. Instead, the 1.5 liter TDI diesel gets both 7 speed twin clutch automatic and 5 speed manual gearbox options. The 105 Bhp-250 Nm state of tune is standard with this engine offered on the Ameo, which gets the twin clutch automatic gearbox in the GT trim.

Vento 3

Coming to the Vento C-Segment sedan, it gets a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine with 105 Bhp-153 Nm, and choices of 5 speed manual and 6 speed torque converter automatic gearboxes. The diesel engine and gearboxes are shared with the Ameo while the turbocharged petrol engine and gearbox are shared with the Polo GT. While the Ameo’s prices start from Rs. 5.94 lakhs , those of the Vento start from Rs. 8.77 lakhs.

Coming to the Tiguan, the luxury SUV is powered by a 2 liter turbocharged diesel engine with 140 Bhp-340 Nm outputs. Both front wheel drive and all wheel drive options are available while the gearbox is a 7 speed twin clutch automatic unit. Prices start from Rs. 28.15 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.