Overtaking a politician’s SUV can get you a bullet in the head

Yes, that’s exactly what happened in Gaya, Bihar. Aditya Sachdeva, a 20 year old student driving a Maruti Swift, overtook the Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV of Rocky Yadav. This is said to have enraged Rocky, 30, who chased the Swift, got it stopped and shot Aditya point blank in his head, killing him instantly. The killing appears to be case of road rage.

Overtaking a politician’s SUV can get you a bullet in the head

Rocky is the son of a JD(U) MLC, Manorma Devi. His father, Bindi Yadav, is a allegedly a criminal-turned-politician. Rocky has absconded while the MLC’s police guard, who was in Rocky’s Land Rover at the time of the incident, has been arrested. Two others who were in Rocky’s SUV during the incident.

Overtaking a politician’s SUV can get you a bullet in the head

Police have also impounded the Land Rover SUV. The incident happened on the 7th of May, at night when Aditya and four of his friends were returning from Bodh Gaya, after celebrating a friend’s birthday. Rocky and three others in the SUV were also returning from Bodh Gaya.

While angry residents of Gaya have demanded immediate arrest and a speedy trial of the alleged killer. Bindi Yadav, the accused’s father has claimed that the death was due to “unintentional firing for self-defence“. Bindi Yadav has also been arrested due to discrepancies in his statements.

Road Rage can kill, and is taking many lives on Indian roads. Scroll down to read about how to avoid road rage.  

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