Overtaking gone wrong on highway: Hyundai Grand i10 tries to squeeze between trucks

Recording the highest number of road accidents every year in the world, India is a country where we come across deadly accidents regularly, especially on high-speed highways. Most accidents happen in India due to wrong driving practices like overspeeding and driving on the wrong lanes. One such prominent reason for road accidents in India is wrongly overtaking while driving, and this accident of a Hyundai Grand i10 with a truck while overtaking is a prime example of this reason.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Ajju 0008, we can see a Hyundai Grand i10 colliding with a moving truck on a highway when the former was trying to overtake it hastily. According to the YouTuber, the entire accident got recorded in the rear camera of his Land Rover Defender, while he was driving ahead of both the Grand i10 and the truck on the highway.

In the video, we can see that the Hyundai Grand i10 was trying to overtake a truck in another lane, while it was trailing another truck in its lane. However, the Grand i10 driver miscalculated the distance between the two trucks moving ahead. While attempting to overtake the driver in another lane, the truck collided with the rear of the Grand i10.

Grand i10 lost control

Overtaking gone wrong on highway: Hyundai Grand i10 tries to squeeze between trucks


Due to this slight but high-speed impact, the Hyundai Grand i10 driver lost control, which resulted in the car coming in the way of the truck from sideways. As the speeds of both the truck and Grand i10 were high, the Grand i10 collided with the truck again and overturned on another lane.

This entire accident got recorded in the rear camera of the Land Rover Defender, which was moving ahead of both vehicles. It is unclear whether the Hyundai Grand i10 driver sustained any injuries or not, however, the truck remained unscathed from the accident, as it continued driving on the lane.

Overtaking gone wrong

In India, high-speed accidents due to carelessness during overtaking and overspeeding, like this collision of the Hyundai Grand i10 with a truck, show the importance of attention and driving in confined speed limits. In this accident, it is evident that the Grand i10 driver should have had a bit more patience while overtaking at such a high speed, especially between two trucks. In India, most truck drivers drive recklessly on highways, so to avoid an unwanted collision, it is better to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially heavy-duty ones like trucks and buses.

Heavy vehicles have bad visibility

Even though the bus driver sits at a high position, the visibility from the bus is quite low, especially with the small rearview mirrors that most of the Indian buses use. Some Indian transport vehicles are not in good shape and it is extremely important to stay alert on the road whenever there is a heavy vehicle around.

Always make sure that you maintain enough distance while overtaking a heavy vehicle, including buses. Most of the time, the brake lights of such vehicles do not work properly. Staying alert near such vehicles can prove to be a life-saving decision.

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