Owner buys a second Tata Nexon after the first one gets totaled in crash

One of the biggest reasons behind the gradual success of the Tata Nexon has to be its increased focus on the aspect of safety. The aspect of safety has been instrumental in making the Tata Nexon one of the most trusted and safer cars to buy in India. There have been many cases in recent times where the drivers of Tata Nexon have survived life-threatening accidents without any scratch. One such incident has been shared here, where a person opts for a Tata Nexon after his previous Nexon was totalled in a crash.

What happened here?

The incident has been detailed in a YouTube video uploaded by YouTuber Nikhil Rana, which is about a fatal accident involving a Tata Nexon in August 2021. In this video, a person (whose identity is under wraps) met with a fatal accident in his Tata Nexon. The said Nexon was claimed to be riven at a very high speed and collided with a tree to save an Indian antelope (Nilgai) which came across in its way.

The Tata Nexon was completely damaged in the accident and was declared ‘total loss’ by the insurance agency, but it managed to keep its owner completely safe. It ensured the car owner about the promise of safety made by Tata Motors for the Nexon. The owner also managed to get the full insurance declaration value (IDV) of his Tata Nexon, which was amounted to Rs 6 lakh in total. With this amount, he purchases an all-new white-coloured Tata Nexon. This move of going again for Tata Nexon as his new car shows the faith of the customer towards the brand and the aspect of safety which was proven to him just when it was needed the most.

Tata Nexon: A safe choice

Owner buys a second Tata Nexon after the first one gets totaled in crash

Ever since its launch in 2017, the Tata Nexon has gone to become one of the top-selling sub-four-meter compact SUVs in the country today. The previous generation Tata Nexon managed to secure a 5-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests. This made the Tata Nexon not only the first car from Tata Motors but also the first-ever Indian car to achieve this feat.
Following this success, Tata Motors increased its focus on making safer cars for India.

After this feat, Tiago and Tigor also managed to secure a 4-star rating in the same test. Tata Motors once again hit the ‘bull’s-eye’ by securing a 5-star rating for the Altroz hatchback, just days before its official launch. Recently, the Tigor EV also scored a 4-star rating in Global NCAP crash tests.

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