Owner completes 10 lakh miles in his 1991 Volvo sedan: Volvo gifts him a new car!

In India, we often relate Toyota as a brand with the tag reliability. The reason for them is that even today, there are several first generation Toyota Innova, Qualis or Fortuner that are on the road without any major issue. Most of them have clocked over 2-4 lakh kms on odometer and they are all driving just fine. Other than Toyota, it looks like Volvo is also making some reliable cars. They are known for making safe cars but, it turns out they are reliable too. Here we have one such story of a Volvo owner who managed to clock over 10 lakh miles in his Volvo.

The video has been uploaded by FOX 2 St. Louis on their YouTube channel. The reporter in this video talks to Jim O’Shea, who is the owner of the Volvo car. The reporter asks owner about the experience with the car. Jim had bought this Volvo 740 GLE sedan in 1991. After he bought the car, many things in his life and around him changed but not the car. Jim can be heard saying in the video that when he bought the car back in 1991, he had argument with his father as he recommended buying a Ford. Jim however was very confident about the car and he told his father that he will do over a million miles in his car.

Jim mentions that the Volvo 740 GLE was built for common man and it was very easy to maintain. Even a common man like him could do small works on the car like replacing bulbs and so on. Driving a car for 10 lakh miles is a big thing and he can be heard saying that he had got the engine repaired at 5 lakh miles and along with that, he replaced the transmission too. Jim never had any accidents with the car but, his wife did hit the car multiple times on their driveway. As this is a 1991 model sedan, the car has started showing its age. It has started to look old and many of the panels even have rust on them. This may not be the most powerful sedan on the road but, the owner can still touch 120 kmph mark on the speedometer.

Owner completes 10 lakh miles in his 1991 Volvo sedan: Volvo gifts him a new car!

Jim then mentions that when he was purchasing his Volvo, he saw a gentleman who had completed million miles in his Volvo and that made Jim wonder, if he could achieve the same. After driving the car for over 30 years and completing 10 lakh miles, Jim returned to the same dealership from where he had initially purchased his sedan. Volvo cars USA honoured Jim for his achievement and the dealership also decided to offer him a 2022 model Volvo S60 luxury sedan.

The Volvo S60 sedan was gifted to him and is free for 2 years under the care by Volvo all inclusive car subscription. The plan includes maintenance, tyres, wheels, excessive wear protection and insurance. Jim was genuinely surprised with the overall reliability of Volvo cars and he plans to do another 10 lakh miles in his new Volvo.