Owner completes 10 lakh miles in his 1991 Volvo sedan: Volvo gifts him a new car!

When we think of reliability in cars, Toyota is likely the first brand that comes to mind. The reason for this is quite simple. In India, there are still several first-generation Toyota Innova, Qualis, or Fortuner SUVs on the road, and they are working perfectly without any major issues. Most of these vehicles have covered over 2 lakh km on the odometer. Volvo is also known for producing reliable cars, and there have been some past examples that prove this. They not only manufacture some of the safest cars in the world but also ones that are reliable. Let’s take a look at the story of a Volvo sedan owner who drove over 10 lakh miles in his sedan.

The video has been uploaded by FOX 2 St. Louis on their YouTube channel. In the video, the reporter interviews Jim O’Shea, the owner of the Volvo sedan. Jim purchased this Volvo 740 GLE sedan in 1991. At the time of the purchase, he had a disagreement with his father, who suggested buying a Ford because it was more popular. Jim, however, had great confidence in the Volvo and told his father that he would reach a million miles in the car. Over the years, many aspects of Jim’s life and surroundings have changed, but his car remains unchanged.

The car featured in the video is a Volvo 740 GLE sedan. According to Jim, Volvo designed this sedan with the common man in mind, making it easy to maintain. Even people like Jim could perform small tasks on the car, such as replacing bulbs. Driving a car for 10 lakh miles is quite an accomplishment. The report mentions that Jim had the engine repaired at 5 lakh miles and also replaced the transmission. Jim has taken great care of the car and has never been involved in an accident with it. However, the same cannot be said when his wife drives it. Unfortunately, his wife has managed to hit the car multiple times on their driveway.

Owner completes 10 lakh miles in his 1991 Volvo sedan: Volvo gifts him a new car!
Jim’s new Volvo S60 & 1991 740 GLE sedan

This car is a model from 1991, and it was certainly showing signs of aging. The paint had begun to fade in certain areas, and some of the panels even had rust on them. Jim acknowledges that this might not be the most powerful sedan on the road, but it can still reach a top speed of 120 kmph according to the speedometer. When Jim initially visited the Volvo dealership to purchase the car in 1991, he encountered a gentleman who had already surpassed a million miles in his Volvo. This encounter sparked Jim’s curiosity and made him wonder if he could achieve the same feat. Jim was genuinely surprised to discover the exceptional reliability of Volvo cars.

After driving the car for almost 30 years, Jim returned to the same dealership with the car, and Volvo Cars USA honored Jim for his achievement. The dealership also offered him a 2022 model Volvo S60 sedan. The Volvo S60 sedan was gifted to him and is free for 2 years under the care by Volvo all-inclusive car subscription. This subscription plan includes maintenance, tires, wheels, excessive wear protection, and insurance. He now plans to drive another 10 lakh miles in his new S60 sedan.