Customer crashes test drive Punch SUV: Buys a new Tata Punch the next day [Video]

Customers who plan to buy a new car often make their decision based on various factors. They frequently take test drives to determine if the vehicle meets their requirements. In the past, there have been incidents where people taking test drives have ended up in accidents. In some cases, the person driving the car is a new driver, while in other cases, the accident happens due to the fault of another person. Here, we have one such report from Gujarat where a customer crashed a Tata Punch during a test drive. Impressed with the build quality, the customer purchased a Punch the very next day.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. A subscriber shared the video and images of the crash. The vlogger mentions that the customer and his brother were visiting a Tata dealership in Gujarat. They were interested in the Tata Punch and took the test drive vehicle for a spin. They were driving the micro SUV on a 4-lane highway with heavy vehicles like trucks in front of them.

The car was maintaining a speed of 80-90 kmph when the truck in front suddenly applied brakes. The Tata Punch driver didn’t have much time to slow down and apply brakes. In an attempt to avoid crashing into the truck, he applied the brakes and turned the car to the right. Unfortunately, the car crashed into a sewage water canal built on the side of the highway. The SUV rolled a couple of times after hitting the wall and finally came to a stop on the side of the road.

The airbags deployed, and the front of the Tata Punch was completely damaged. The right side A-pillar, doors, headlamps, and tail lamps were all damaged. The passengers in the car, which included the customer, his brother, and the sales executive from the dealership, escaped the accident with minor injuries. In the pictures, we can see that both front airbags had deployed, which might have saved the occupants from major injuries.

Customer crashes test drive Punch SUV: Buys a new Tata Punch the next day [Video]
Customer buys Tata Punch after accident

After looking at the pictures, it seems that the Tata Punch managed to absorb the impact quite well. We believe the customer also felt the same, which could be the reason why he bought a Tata Punch the next day. The exact details of the variant that the customer bought are not available; however, based on the picture, it appears to be a lower version. The video mentions that the dealership did not ask the customer to pay for the damages to the test drive vehicle.

The Tata Punch is a micro SUV that was launched in the market a few years ago. It created a new segment in India and quickly became popular among buyers. It serves as the entry-level SUV from Tata Motors. The Punch is available with a petrol engine only, powered by a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine that generates 86 Bhp and 115 Nm of peak torque. This SUV is available with a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT gearbox. Tata will soon be launching a CNG version of the Punch in the market.