Owner explains why he sold his BMW 3-series & bought Tata Harrier

SUVs have gained popularity across the globe in India, things are no different. Almost all car manufacturers in India have at least one product in the SUV segment. India’s leading car maker Tata Motors launched Harrier back in 2019 and it proved to be a successful product for them. Earlier this year, they launched 7-seater version of Harrier as 2021 Safari which is also doing pretty well. Tata Harrier is now popular and has many owner groups in several parts of the country. Here we have a video where a Tata Harrier owner explains why he sold his BMW 3-series sedan to buy Harrier.

The video has been uploaded by Nick Zeek on his YouTube channel. Vlogger starts by showing the SUV from outside first. This is the Tata Harrier BS4 Dark Edition. The owner of the Tata Harrier, Prashant Sharma, is part of MHO which expands as Mumbai Harrier Owners group. He has done several changes to the SUV to make it different from others.

Lower part of the front bumper and rear get red colour accents and similar wrapping is seen on ORVMs and roof as well. He has upgraded the audio setup and that has completely changed the experience inside the cabin. Prashant starts by saying that the reason behind buying a Harrier was Mumbai roads. He used to own a BMW 3-series sedan and he loved that car so much that he used to practice drifting near his house.

The condition of the roads in Mumbai became so pathetic that it was becoming hard for him to maintain the car. That is the primary reason behind his sale. After selling the BMW, he had booked Kia Seltos and MG Hector. He was looking for SUVs because of they could tackle the broken roads of Mumbai in a better way than a sedan. He test drove the SUV and was not happy with the driving experience. To this point, he had not considered Tata Harrier in his list.

Owner explains why he sold his BMW 3-series & bought Tata Harrier

Once he had test driven the other two SUVs, he started looking for alternate options and finally found Harrier to be a perfect match. he mentions in video that after driving BMW or any other German car, none of the cars or SUVs gave him satisfaction except Harrier. He finalised it and bought the Harrier.

He has completed around 2 years with the SUV and he mentions that initially he felt betrayed because months after he bought the BS4 version, Tata came up with updated BS6 model with more features. He also mentioned that Tata Harrier was not refined and lot vibration could be felt inside the cabin even when the car was idle. He asked service center several times to correct the issue but, it made no difference.

Finally he got the engine remapped from a garage and they worked on the NVH level and also bumped up the power. The video does not mention the current power figure but, the owner says that after remapping was done, he is very happy with the SUV and it also returns him decent fuel efficiency if driven in a sane manner.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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