Owner explains why he used his brand new Tata Safari for garbage collection [Video]

We have already come across a recent incident involving a Tata Safari being used as a trash-collecting vehicle because the owner was entirely dissatisfied with the service support he was getting for an issue related to the braking system of his SUV. Here, we have come across another YouTube video, which explains the grievances faced by the owner of that Tata Safari in a detailed manner.

The YouTube video has been uploaded from the same channel named ‘Harsh Vlogs’, from which a video showcasing the Safari used as a trash-collecting vehicle on the roads of Alwar, Rajasthan was uploaded. In the video, the owner, whose name is kept hidden, says that he purchased a white-coloured Tata Safari XZA from Rajasthan on 25 May 2021. After driving some 5,000 odd kilometres, the disc brakes of the braking system of his Tata Safari got damaged while on a trip to Himachal Pradesh.

The owner returned to his hometown in Rajasthan and drove back to Gurgaon, where he headed to an authorized service centre of Tata to get the damaged braking system repaired. He mentions that his vehicle was in the authorized service centre for 25 days. After getting the braking system repaired, the owner continued driving, during which he began feeling vibrations in the steering wheel and misalignment of the wheels of the SUV.

Owner explains why he used his brand new Tata Safari for garbage collection [Video]

After driving for an additional 200 km, the braking system of the Tata Safari suffered from the same damage to the braking system of his Tata Safari, which happened earlier. This time, he got the system rectified at the authorized service centre in his hometown of Alwar, where his SUV was for 15-20 days for the repairing job.

The same problem happened for the fourth time!

The issue related to the braking system broke for the third time after driving for some 200-250 km. The faults in the disc brakes of the vehicle appeared again, which he tried to get resolved at an authorized service centre in Jaipur. However, after driving for some 10,000 km, the faults in the braking system emerged for the fourth time, post which he took the SUV to another service centre in Jaipur, where his SUV was for 12-15 days.
After getting the brake system rectified five times, the driver said that his SUV continued to throw the same issues related to the brakes and vibrations in the steering wheel. Eventually, the Tata Safari broke down entirely and refused to start while the owner was driving the SUV to a nearby town.

After repetitively suffering from the same issue which the authorized service centres of Tata Motors failed to address, the owner of the Tata Safari decided to make videos of his Safari used as a trash-collecting vehicle on the roads of Alwar. He is doing this to gain the attention of higher authorities of Tata Motors to get his issue resolved. He also says that if this issue is failed to get addressed, he would be moving to consumer court for proper legal action.

We have seen several examples of ‘lemon cars’ in the past from various carmakers, where an issue was failed to be rectified wholly even after multiple visits to the authorized service centres. In such cases, proper compensation from the carmaker or replacing the faulty car with a new vehicle can be more advisable solutions.

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