Owner overloads Tata Punch with 700 kgs of cargo: Brags about 18 Kmpl mileage

India is full of people who are experts in makeshifting things to cater their needs. Some people in their relentless attempts to save every penny they can, resort to stuff that sometimes may not seem for lack of a better word “safe”. Recently in a similar incident, a user on Facebook shared some pictures of his personal Tata Punch filled to the brim with cargo that was not supposed to be in the places where it was.

Owner overloads Tata Punch with 700 kgs of cargo: Brags about 18 Kmpl mileage

The post shared on Facebook showed the country’s most famous micro SUV Tata Punch stuffed with 700 kgs of oranges in multiple wooden and plastic crates. The owner of the said Punch also packed some Papayas wherever he could manage to find an ounce of space. He proudly shared this picture on the social media platform with the caption, “700 KG load 125 KM trip getting 18 km/l mileage. Maruti’s mileage is just hype. Trust our Tata Motors Cars”

The owner shared multiple pictures of the car with the cargo in the rear seats and hatch. Except for the front two seats, every nook and cranny of the micro SUV was stuffed. He also shared a picture of his instrument cluster which showed a mileage of 17.9 kmpl which honestly is impressive. Although what’s not impressive is the way this whole ordeal came about.

It does not take an expert to notice that whatever this person has done is not very safe. These type of things usually fly under the radar of people in the country, although it cannot be denied that these type of things can become extremely dangerous. There is a ton of risk involved in doing something of these sorts. People should keep in mind that passenger vehicles are designed to carry people and a little bit of their luggage not the other way round.

Owner overloads Tata Punch with 700 kgs of cargo: Brags about 18 Kmpl mileage

Many netizens on the platform shared the same sentiment that this is absolutely not the right and safe thing to do. Some people also commented that the owner should have bought a Tata Ace instead of the Punch. However jokes apart. This incident helps in learning one of the most important things about driving in India. The lesson we all can take is that no matter how safe a vehicle is rated from the company the true safety on roads can only be performed by the conscious owners of these vehicles.

Earlier in October of 2021, the micro SUV from Tata received a commendable five stars in the G-NCAP safety ratings. As per the official G-NCAP, the base variant of the Tata Punch was tested. The base variant comes with dual-front airbags, ABS and ISOFIX anchors for mounting the child seat. The Tata Punch has scored 16.45 out of 17 in the adult safety rating.

For child safety, the Punch scored 40.89 out of 49. In comparison, the Tata Altroz (which shares its Alfa platform with the Punch) managed 16.13/17 in the adult safety rating and 29/49 in the child safety rating. The crash test was done at a speed of 64 km/h and the bodyshell integrity is rated as stable. G-NCAP also said that the footwell areas are rated as stable as well.

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