Owner reviews 2020 Mahindra Thar after completing 2,000 kms

Mahindra Thar was one of the most anticipated vehicle from the manufacturer this year. It has always been a very popular SUV among enthusiasts and the new one is no different. The demand for the new Mahindra Thar is no high that, it is already sold out till May 2021. Mahindra has already started increasing the production to meet the rising demands. In the last couple of months, we have seen several off-road videos of Thar on the internet. Here we have a video from a Thar owner who shares his experience with the SUV after completing 2,000 kms in it.

The video has been uploaded by Jeeper Itty on his youtube channel. The owner of this vehicle Kurian Kurian Kalarickal is an experienced off-roader and has participated in several events. He already has a heavily modified old-gen Mahindra Thar which he uses for competitions. He had gone for the LX soft top convertible version with diesel automatic transmission. The only reason why he did not but the petrol was that, it had a longer waiting period.

He is pretty impressed with the new Thar. the owner has done minor changes to the SUV after he bought it. He had changes the stock tyres to BF Goodrich AT tyres and the the front grille has also been replaced. he has even opted for several Mahindra genuine accessories. He is a jeep lover and says that he had sold his Polo TSI to buy the all-new Thar. He did it because the new Thar is not more comfortable than before.

Owner reviews 2020 Mahindra Thar after completing 2,000 kms

He can be heard saying that, the steering feedback is great and one can literally push it on the corners it will hold on to it. He has driving on hilly roads constantly and have been getting a fuel economy of 10 kmpl. The NVH levels are also pretty refined and he says that the automatic version is far better than the diesel manual version. He had tested the soft top on the convertible version for leaks and came back pretty impressed. it was only at the rear where there are zippers a bit of water seeps in, other wise, it has improved a lot from the previous version.

He also says that the transparent plastic sheet at the rear starts to make noise after crossing 60 kmph. That is mainly because it rubs against the pillar. Mr. Kurian has wrapped a cloth against the pillar so that the rubbing noise is reduced. Even in stock form, Thar can easily do a fair bit of off-roading and that is one of the reason why he bought it. Another reason is that, the new Thar is so comfortable that, he can use it as a daily use vehicle and a weekend getaway SUV as well.

He also mentions a couple of things that wished could have improved. One of them is the the placement of the radiator. The radiator is placed so low that the chances damaging it while off-roading are too much. Mahindra is now offering a metal skid plate which is expected to protect the radiator as well. Second is the convertible roof. TVC’s mention that it is an easy task but, in reality it takes bit of time because of the clips that hold the roof  at the front. Other than these two small problems, he was pretty much happy with the vehicles.