Owner reviews Ola S1 Pro electric scooter after taking delivery [Video]

Ola is one of the latest name in the electric vehicle space. The brand created ripples in the market when they announced the launch of their two electric scooters. Both the scooters received an overwhelming response from customers and there is currently a waiting period of these scooters. Ola finally started delivering the scooters to customers after media rides. Here we have one such video where owner of an Ola S Pro scooter is seen sharing experience after taking delivery.

The video has been uploaded by Diwakar Rajan Online on their YouTube channel. In this video, owner talks about the event organised by Ola where they delivered the scooter to customers. The owner looked super excited about the scooter. He said Ola has advised to not take the scooter out on roads as it currently does not have a permanent registration number. He mentioned the owners will be getting calls from RTO regarding the registration.

The owner then shows how one can use the fully digital touchscreen instrument cluster on the scooter to lock and unlock the scooter and view other information about the scooter. The owner needs to type the password to unlock the scooter. There is no physical key available for the scooter.

As the owner was explaining about the features, he mentions that the scooter currently does not offer all the features. Many of the features like Bluetooth, Maps are not available. These features will be added to the scooter in future during software updates. The owner was pretty satisfied with the overall fit and finish and said that it is quite interesting to look at.

Owner reviews Ola S1 Pro electric scooter after taking delivery [Video]

He then opens the seat and shows the massive underseat storage. This was a feature that Ola had used during the initial teasers of the scooter. The scooter can hold upto 2 helmets under the seat. When the video was shot the scooter had 84 percent of charge. After plugging it to the wall socket, the display was showing a time of 1 hour to fully charge the batteries. He mentions that Ola S1 Pro takes around 6.5 hours to fully charge.

Vlogger even shows how the reverse gear in the Ola electric scooter works. Owner mentioned that he has not experienced the cruise control yet and he’ll be riding it once the registration process is complete. Ola is offering S1 and S1 Pro scooters in India. Both scooters look the same, they only differ in terms of features, riding range, performance and battery pack.

Price for Ola S1 starts at Rs 99,999, ex-showroom and The S1 Pro is priced at Rs 1.29 lakh, ex-showroom. Some of the states are providing subsidies on the scooter to popularise electric vehicles. There are reports that Ola electric is also working on electric motorcycle, affordable scooter and an electric four-wheeler.

Currently. Ola does not have any physical dealership or service centres. The whole process of booking and buying the scooter is done online. We have explained the process of booking the Ola scooter earlier in an article. Owner can make appointments for servicing and technicians would reach the location of the scooter and get the scooter serviced.