Owner showcases Mahindra Scorpio N’s Adrenox connected car features [Video]

Mahindra has started delivery of Scorpio N in India. We have seen many videos of owners talking about the features, positives and negatives of the new Scorpio N. Many owners even took the SUV off-road to test its capabilities. Like many other modern cars and SUVs in the market, Mahindra is also offering connected car features with XUV700 and Scorpio N. It is called Adrenox and it offers a variety of functions. Here we have a video that shows how what all are the connected car features in Scorpio N and how practical they are.

The video has been uploaded by HARIOM AGGARWAL on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner shows the connected car features in his brand new Scorpio N diesel manual SUV. He mentions that when compared with Hyundai’s Blue Link connected car features, Adrenox misses out on some features. He starts by explaining what this feature is. Adrenox connected car features is offered free for two years with a brand new Mahindra Scorpio N. After two years, the owner will have to pay an annual fee to subscribe to this feature. Using this feature, the owner of the Scorpio N can control multiple functions of the SUV.

He also mentions that, it takes almost 4-5 days to get this feature activated in the car. Once activated, the owne can install a mobile application and check status of the vehicle remotely. As this is the diesel manual SUV, Mahindra is not offering remote engin start/stop feature. In BlueLink, Hyundai is offering this feature with the manuals too. Other than this, the user can remotely roll down and up the windows at the front seats, he or she can also open and close the sunroof. One can also lock and unlock the doors on Scorpio N remotely using the mobile application. The application also shares notification with the owner, if the lights are left on.

Owner showcases Mahindra Scorpio N’s Adrenox connected car features [Video]

He also mentions that the application also helps owner track the location of the SUV, trip sumary, speed alerts, road side assistance, service reminder and so on. The owner mentions that the Scorpio N is rsponsing to the commands very fast when compared to Hyundai’s Blue Link but, the application has a lot of glitch. After every command, the application almost freezes and starts loading up which is irritating at times. The owner also mentions that these applications are used by the owners for few months after they buy the vehicle. After that, people start losing interest in this. Remote engine start/stop feature is one thing that the owner wanted Mahindra to offer in the manual version but, they did not.

Owner mentions that he is not happy with the overall experience of using the app and asks Mahindra to improve it. Scorpio N is offered with both petrol and diesel engine options. It is offered in Z2, Z4, Z6, Z8 and Z8 L variants. The petrol version uses a 2.0 litre mStallion turbocharged engine and the diesel version uses 2.2 litre mHawk turbocharged engine. Both petrol and diesel are available with manual and automatic transmission option but, only the diesel variant is offered with 4×4.

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