Owner shows 13 features unlocked in his Volkswagen Virtus sedan [Video]

Volkswagen Virtus which was launched in the market earlier this year is a premium mid-size sedan. It is not only premium but powerful too. It is in fact one of the most powerful sedans in this segment. The Virtus competes with cars like Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Maruti Ciaz and Skoda Slavia. Volkswagen offers Virtus with a 1.0 litre TSI and a 1.5 litre TSI engine. It offers a long list of features but, it looks like there are many more features that the manufacture is not offering in Indian market. Virtus is also being exported to other markets and many features in Virtus are locked for Indian market. Here we have a video of a Virtus owner who just unlocked 13 such cool features in his Virtus sedan.

The video has been uploaded by TORQUED on their YouTube channel. As mentioned above, Volkswagen manufactures Virtus for both Indian and international market. Some features that are locked for Indian market are available in other countries. Vlogger starts by showing the first feature that he got unlocked. He unlocked the honking feature when he locks or unlocks the car. This feature can be activated and deactivated by accessing the acoustic confirmation settings from the touchscreen infotainment screen.

After the honking feature, the next feature that the vlogger unlocked in his car are the rear DRLs. From factory, only the LED DRLs at the front would glow. After unlocking the new feature, a section of the tail lamp also glows with the front DRL. Other than this, the light inside the push start/stop button now blinks when the ignition is not on. The fully digital instrument cluster or the virtual cockpit in the Volkswagen Virtus now shows more information than the stock version. It shows steering angle which would help driver get an idea about the direction of the wheels. The vlogger has also unlocked refuel quantity display. This feature shows how much fuel the car has consumed in litres.

Owner shows 13 features unlocked in his Volkswagen Virtus sedan [Video]

Along with this, the owner also got the low fuel warning unlocked. The car would notify the driver when the fuel levels are low and is enough to cover only 60 km. In the touchscreen infotainment system, vlogger managed to unlock what he calls the sports display. The display or the infotainment system now shows the turbo, tachometer and speedometer. Other than this, the display also shows fuel level, engine temperature and TPMS. In addition to the Sports display, the vlogger also unlocked an off-road display for the Virtus. In the feature, the touchscreen system shows wheel angle, altitude and the oil temperature.

He made some changes to the display of the automatic climate control and he also unlocked a feature to roll down the windows in the car using the key fob. Apart from these features, the owner also managed to deactivate the warning sound that comes up at 80 kmph and 120 kmph. The weight of the steering was also increased for better response. it is almost 10 percent more heavier than standard Virtus. The throttle on this Virtus is slightly more aggressive and the brakes are a lot more sharp. Torque vectoring feature in the Virtus was also improved.

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