Owner tests build quality of Toyota Fortuner by hammering it and kicking it [Video]

It’s the era of digital content consumption, and in an attempt of creating something unique and eye-catching, some people end up doing crazy and foolish acts which are nothing but harmful and dangerous. Here’s a video of a man ‘testing’ the build quality of a Toyota Fortuner in an attempt of garnering ‘likes’ and attention. However, the method he used to test the build quality of the Fortuner is not something which we will recommend.

A YouTube video from Prateek Singh shows how a man is trying to test the build quality of a Toyota Fortuner by kicking its rear door. In the video, we can see the man approaching a white-coloured Toyota Fortuner, which is assumed to be belonging to him. As soon as the man comes closer to the Fortuner, he kicks the rear right door of the SUV, just to ‘test’ the build quality of the door panel. As a result, the door panel of the Fortuner gets a huge dent due to the impact of the kick.

However, even after this, the man didn’t stop and further went ahead for testing the build quality y hammering the same rear door which got affected by the dent. The man starts beating the hammer on various points of the door panel, due to which it gets deep scratches all over it. The video claims that the man performed all these actions to find out how strong is the build quality of the door panel of the Toyota Fortuner.

While being concerned about the build quality of a vehicle is not wrong, what’s incorrect is this method of the man testing the build quality by kicking or hammering the door panel. It is nothing but a foolish, self-harming move, which only added to the overall unnecessary repairing expense of the SUV.

Fortuner scored a five-star rating

Owner tests build quality of Toyota Fortuner by hammering it and kicking it [Video]

The Toyota Fortuner facelift’s crash test results are 87.46 points, which gives it a five-star rating. It should be noted that ASEAN NCAP has not crashed-tested a Fortuner. Instead, a Hilux was used for the crash test and the Fortuner’s capability is an extension of the same. ASEAN NCAP claims that Fortuner has comparable occupant protection to the tested pickup. They also said that the technical evidence provided by Toyota proves the same.

Ever since the pre-facelift Tata Nexon scored a commendable 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests, safety has become one of the most sought-after parameters when making a decision of buying a new car. People are nowadays concerned about the safety and build quality levels of a car before purchasing it, which has only become more prominent after various other locally-manufactured cars have started scoring five-star ratings in the Global NCAP crash tests.

One of the most premium vehicles on sale from Toyota in India, the Fortuner is considered a sturdy SUV with a tough build and reliable mechanicals. However, the Fortuner hasn’t yet been tested by the Global NCAP for safety ratings.