Owner thanks Tata Motors after his Tigor’s high-speed crash: All passengers safe

Accidents are pretty common in India. With the increasing number of accidents, many customers have started showing interest in the safer cars tested by Global NCAP. Here is an accident of a Tata Tigor, which is a four-star safety rated sedan in India, which has saved five passengers travelling inside the car.

Owner thanks Tata Motors after his Tigor’s high-speed crash: All passengers safe

Sanjay Tiwari has shared his experience of an accident in a Tata Tigor. According to the information available, the accident happened on National Highway 43 when the car was going towards Chitrakoot and the incident happened at Shadol Bypass.

The vehicle was at a high speed when a biker entered the lane suddenly. To save the motorcycle rider, the driver of the Tata Tigor got the vehicle down from the road. Due to the high speed, the vehicle went out of control. The Tata Tigor then overturned on the highway. Four people were travelling in the car at the time of the accident and no one is seriously injured.

Everyone in the car sustained minor injuries and was shifted to a medical college for first aid. The biker was saved due to the quick reaction from the driver of the Tigor.

Owner thanks Tata Motors after his Tigor’s high-speed crash: All passengers safe

The pictures of the vehicle show that the vehicle is lying upside down and it has got major damage all around. However, the passenger cabin is intact and there are no damages on the pillars as well. In many cases, the pillars of the car give away and crush the passengers. Even small dents and bends on the pillars can cause doors to jam and recovering the passengers becomes a big task.

The owner of the car thanked the build quality of the vehicle while sharing the post.

Tata Tigor is safest car in the segment

Owner thanks Tata Motors after his Tigor’s high-speed crash: All passengers safe

The Tigor is the safest car in the segment according to the ratings by Global NCAP. It has received as many as four stars. However, the footwell and the structure of the vehicle are rated as unstable.

Tata Motors has one of the best safety-rated model line-ups in India. The Tata Tiago and Tigor have four-star safety ratings while the Tata Altroz, Tata Punch, Tata Tigor EV and the Tata Nexon have full five-star safety ratings. Other vehicles like the Harrier and Safari are yet to be tested by the safety rating agency.

Many owners of Tata Motor cars have thanked the build quality of the vehicles in the past. Many people post about the accidents they have been through and then thank the quality of the car. Tata currently offers the largest number of cars with 4 star and 5-star safety ratings. The sedan is based on the Tata Tiago, which is the Tigor also enjoys a four-star safety rating and is the safest sedan in the segment.

Even the electric version of the Tata Tigor has four-star safety ratings, which makes it the safest electric car.

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