Owner thanks Tata Tiago for saving his life after accident, buys another one

Tata Tiago is the safest car in the segment according to the safety ratings provided by Global NCAP. There are numerous posts made by different Tata car owners that talk about the build quality of the car. Here is one more from a Tata Tiago owner.

Sathya Prakash Reddy shared the story in a Tata Tiago owner’s group. He bought the car last year in October. Recently, Sathya was driving with two of his friends from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad. The owner of the car says that it was his mistake and he was not concentrating on the road itself. Suddenly, he saw that there was a big pothole ahead and to avoid it, he turned the steering quickly. The car was at 100 km/h at that moment, which is how he lost control of the vehicle.

After losing control of the vehicle. the car went off the road and as per the post, it made four rollovers, which is quite extreme. The owner has shared the pictures of the car and they are not pretty, to say the least. The vehicle is damaged completely from the driver side and the roof also caved in because of the rollover.

The owner says that he was unconscious when the locals came to rescue him. He also had a few flesh wounds on his right hand and thinks that his hand got stuck between the roof and the door. His two friends did not get any kind of injuries at all and got only a few minor scratches.

Bought a new Tiago

The owner – Sathya says that he went for the another Tiago after the accident. He also says that he does not think that he could have walked if he was in any other vehicle from any other brand. He bought the second Tiago on 17th November 2020. The Tata Tiago is the second safest hatchback in India after the Tata Altroz according to the ratings by Global NCAP. It is a four-star rated car and offers dual airbags, ABS and more such features. In the past, many Tata owners have shared similar experiences on social media platforms. Many owners have thanked the build quality of the vehicle that saved their lives.

Government asks manufacturers to not sell substandard cars

In India, the government has laid down rules for the manufacturers and all the new cars follow the safety standard rules of pedestrian safety and other specifications. However, MoRTH secretary said in a seminar that he is very concerned over the reports that a few manufacturers purposefully sell cars with lower safety standard in India while the export models are much safer. The safety standards are expected to become stringent in the coming time.