Owners of old Maruti Swift talk to CarToq about the all-new 2018 Swift

Owners of old Maruti Swift talk to CarToq about the all-new 2018 Swift

Maruti Swift has been a front-runner in its segment since its launch. 13 years after introducing the first-gen Swift in India, Maruti will launch the all-new third generation Swift next month. The new Swift has received a lot of feedback from our readers, but what do the current owners of the hatchback think about the upcoming model? We tell you.


2018 swift looks evolved over the previous version especially a huge leap in interiors. With all new features and new mileage figures will be again your daily run machine but as a usual problem with Maruti Suzuki is to enjoy all that you need to take top trim only. We would have loved more features on the lower trims as well.

Arpit Goyal

As a swift owner, I feel that Suzuki has always messed up the rear design of the Swift. We Swift owners criticised the rear design of the 2nd generation of the Swift too and the new 3rd generation has an uncanny resemblance to Datsun GO, which again makes us want more. The exclusion of AMT from the top-of-the-line Z+ variants will leave a few customers disheartened.

The missing temperature gauge is also a big thing in the new Swift and people from hotter climates like North India will feel the deletion, especially during the summers. The absence of the DRLs in the lower end variants may also leave a few buyers sad, they really look good and should have been optional in the lower variants. We also expected newer engines in the Swift and the enthusiasts are waiting for the 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol too. Maruti should be considerate about the pricing as the all-new Dzire top end costs almost Rs. 11 lakh.

Rajat Mozumdar

The new swift has a very classic touch in its looks. As always it will be a very promising car. The best part of the new swift is the 2 door look it has. And last but not the least, great comfort, agility and sharp control that will attract a lot of enthusiasts.

Manish Bhardwaj

I own a Swift ZXi 2006 model. it has been a great car till now and recently, I have been planning to replace it. I wanted to go for a new vehicle only but wasn’t able to find a suitable one as the Baleno seemed a bit expensive and I really was not looking to get the same Swift again. However, the new swift is like a breather with great looking exterior and interiors. The car looks new with the Swift badging to trust. I really liked the exterior and the new features which have been added to the ZXi+ are really welcoming. I haven’t seen it in reality but the pictures are really tempting. The front gives an aggressive look while keeping the DNA of Swift alive. Dual tone colour options would have been exciting to see. I am really waiting to get my hands on the new one.

Pradeep Diwan

Only Maruti car that I look forward to is the Swift. The new Swift looks much sportier than the current version and gets the same reliable engine setup. The introduction of AMT is a welcome move as the market is slowly preferring automatics. I would be waiting for the RS version of the Swift and even the 1.0-litre turbo engine of Baleno will do the trick in the new Swift due to its low weight.


Most old Swift owners will consider the all-new Swift if they were in the market for a hatchback today. If priced attractively, the new Swift is sure to see old owners giving it a try. However, it also must be said that some of the old Swift owners expected newer engines on the new model. While most are impressed with the new car’s fresh looks and features, they also don’t like a few feature deletions. They also want Maruti to bring in the 1.4 liter high-performance turbo petrol engine to the Swift soon.