Pakistan’s latest game involving motorcycles is batshit CRAZY [Video]

Motorcycles are fun and when the enthusiast starts having too much, it becomes dangerous. Here is a video from Karachi, Pakistan, where the motorcycle riders can be seen participating in a dangerous game.

What is happening here?

The video uploaded on a social media platform shows various bikers taking turns to jump on a ramp. The artificially made ramp is made quite steep and the bikers can be seen speeding towards the ramp and becoming airborne. They let go of their bike once they are airborne and try to land on their feet. Hundreds of spectators can be seen on both sides of the way leading to the ramp and every one of them is cheering up the participants.

While a few of them successfully land on their feet and get a lot of cheers from everyone around, many of them fall quite badly. In some cases, even the bike starts rolling towards them. None of the participants can be seen wearing any protective gears or even a helmet, which can be crucial during accidents. We are not sure what the prize money is but this seems to be an attractive sport for the youth. Many of them can be seen using 2-stroke bikes, which are known for their quick acceleration.

Also, the bikes get seriously damaged when they land after being airborne. The bikers seem to be reaching a height of at least 6-8 feet after the ramp and it is dangerous when the bike falls. The whole stunt game is played at an uncontrolled area, which increases the chances of getting injured. The game seems to be inspired by the longest jump attempts made by many international motorcyclists. However, they are done in a very controlled environment.

Stunting without safety gear!

A motorcycle can be fun to ride but can seriously injure the rider. People are very exposed on a motorcycle and even minor accidents can turn deadly. It is recommended to wear all the gears whenever you’re riding a motorcycle. During the stunting, the chances of accidents increase by many folds. Stunting is an extremely fun sport but one should practice it in controlled areas and never perform it on public roads.