Learn parallel parking in 5 minutes, with 5 simple steps [Video]

For some people, parallel parking can be a bit intimidating—some find it the hardest bit of the driving skillset. But as the number of cars on road grows and parking spaces get tighter, you might not have an option but to master parallel parking. Don’t worry we are here to help—we promise you can master it in just two minutes. Before you start parking your car, make sure that the parking space is ideal for the size of your car. For parallel parking the car you would need to follow a 5-step simple process. Here’s a helpful video. 

Step 1

Align your car parallel with the car that is parked in front of the parking space.

Step 2

Then, you would need to keep reversing your car till you see the back of the neighbouring car through the rear right quarter window. Once you see the rear of the neighbouring car, turn your steering wheel towards the right. 

Step 3

While reversing check your left rearview mirror and when you see the whole rear car turn your steering wheel straight.

Step 4

When your right rearview mirror gets aligned with the rear corner of the neighbouring car turn your steering wheel towards left and keep reversing. Make sure to keep an eye on the hood of your car so that it does not hit the car in front of you. 

Step 5

Straighten your steering wheel and align your car perfectly. Make sure that there is equal space in the front and at the rear of your car. This will help your neighbouring cars to get out of the parking space easily.

As you practice parallel parking, there is bit of good news, the Indian Government has mandated car manufacturers use rear parking sensors on all of their cars so that will also help you in parking the car. Some cars even come with self-parking technology. But all of this is slow and the best and the fastest way to park a car is to do it yourself.

The more you park, the more your self-confidence will grow. And when you finally pull off the maneuver perfectly, you’d be one happy soul. This is a skill that’s vital and will greatly help in your everyday driving. Almost everyone will have to parallel park sometime or the other. Once you get the hang of it, do spread the message and technique to others who may be struggling with parallel parking.