Parent of underage driver jailed for 3 years: Rs 25,000 fine imposed

Underage driving is one of the most dangerous offenses that is pretty common in India. A number of minors are seen daily driving scooters, bikes, and cars. These minors mostly get away with this offense, although this time around when a minor was caught in Puducherry there occurred some serious consequences. In a recent incident of underage driving the parents of a minor in Puducherry have been sentenced to jail for 3 years. Additionally, the parents have struck with Rs 25,000 fine as well.

Parent of underage driver jailed for 3 years: Rs 25,000 fine imposed

Currently, not a whole lot of information on the whereabouts of the incidents has come forward but it has been reported that the parents of this minor have been jailed. It has been announced by the Transport Department of Puducherry that any minor who is caught driving without a driving license, his parents will be arrested and jailed for three years and will be levied a fine of Rs 25,000.

Minors driving vehicles on public roads is a serious offense, and the police have the authority to take harsh punishment against offenders. Minors are not permitted to operate motor vehicles, hence they are not protected by insurance. Additionally, cases involving minors and accidents can grow difficult.

A strong warning has previously been sent to the parents of young riders by numerous state law enforcement agencies. Even the parents of the underage children who were found operating illegal motorbikes and vehicles were held by the police and spent the night in jail in a prior case.

Parent of underage driver jailed for 3 years: Rs 25,000 fine imposed

Additionally, the police were previously instructed by a court order to hold the parents accountable for permitting the underage children to operate motor vehicles, including motorcycles and cars. In India, obtaining a driving license requires the people to be minimum of 18 years old. Before that, one can practice riding or driving on a private road or on a racetrack but not on public roads.

In a previous case of underage driving an automobile, back in may of 2022, a video of a minor girl driving a Toyota Fortuner became viral on the Internet. The video footage was from July 2020 that showed an advocate recording his 12 year old daughter driving a Toyota Fortuner on a national highway.

According to reports the video was recorded during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic. The advocate says in the video, “My daughter Zen Sadavarte is a first-time driver on the highway from Thane to Dadar in Fortuner MH 02 GJ 100”. Following this a huge controversary sparked after the video went viral on the internet.

The footage of the advocate boasting about his minor daughter driving the Toyota Fortuner SUV was shared via Twitter by Majalgaon resident Ganesh Chirke. He pleaded with the police to act and file a FIR against Sadavarte for disobeying traffic laws. The 12-year-old was described as a menace to other drivers on the highway by a number of other Twitter users, who encouraged Thane Police and the DGP of Maharashtra to take appropriate legal action.



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