Parents of 26 minors JAILED for letting underaged kids drive/ride [Video]

The cases of juvenile driving are becoming too common in India. Many of such juveniles get involved in serious accidents too. In a bid to lower the accident rates and reduce juveniles driving and riding, Hyderabad is following a strict rule of arresting the parents in many such cases. Earlier this year, the city police of Hyderabad announced that as many as 4 parents have been arrested for allowing their minor children to operate vehicles without a valid license. Now it has surfaced that the Hyderabad police have arrested as many as 26 parents in connection with juvenile driving and riding. All the arrests have been made in the last two months.

Anil Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police, Hyderabad, says that in March alone, as many as 20 parents were sent to jail by the court. This month the number has come down to six parents. He also adds that a minor has spent a month in a juvenile home and the cops will continue the drive to send a message to the society.

The Hyderabad police has developed a full-fledged program for such an offence. Any minor caught driving or riding a vehicle without a valid license will be arrested and then sent to the juvenile courts. The kids will also receive counselling sessions from the juvenile houses. The parents will face a harder punishment and can also face jail time alongside counselling sessions.

Parents of 26 minors JAILED for letting underaged kids drive/ride [Video]

The minors who are repeating such offences will receive stricter punishment and will go to jail for a longer time. The punishments for the parents are decided by the court. The authorities say that it is the duty of the parents to make sure that their children stay away from vehicles before they attain a formal and legal license. The cops are expecting that the number of accidents will go down drastically if the drive becomes successful.

AV Ranganath, DCP Traffic, Hyderabad, has said,

“There are several incidents in which minors died in road accidents and we are now concentrating on their safety. Parents will now be extra cautious before allowing children to drive vehicles.”

The Hyderabad Police are not the first ones to arrest parents for minor driving. In 2015, Bengaluru cops arrested parents for allowing their minor kids to drive. Later, the cops also recommended the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to cancel the licenses of such parents.