Parents of four minors fined Rs. 1 lakh for allowing them to ride scooters to school

Traffic laws have become quite stringent in recent times. While there are strict laws against minor driving, the problem is still prevalent and minors driving and getting involved in accidents became quite common. The new laws addressed the problem by bringing in the parents and hold them responsible if they allow their minor ward to operate a vehicle on the public roads. Since then, the cops have charged many parents for the same. In Odisha, the cops have fined Rs 1 lakh to the parents of four minors who used two-wheelers to reach the school.

The incident happened in the Koenjhar district of Odisha on Wednesday. The police issued the challans after a few minors were caught riding scooters and motorcycles in the CCTV footage. A few others were caught at the physical checkpoint set-up by the police. The police caught these four school kids when they were returning home from their respective schools. They are not related to each other and were not travelling together.

The cops took action after catching the kids riding motorcycles and scooters without a driving license. All of them were underage so the police had to put the names of their guardians on the challan. According to the Motor Vehicle Act and its amendments, the parents of the students received Rs 25,000 fine each. A total challan of Rs 1 lakh was issued to the parents of all four students. The police have also updated the RTO but we are not sure if there will be any restriction on these minors when they apply for an official driving license after they reach the age of 18.

Not an isolated incident

Parents of four minors fined Rs. 1 lakh for allowing them to ride scooters to school

In Odisha, the police have become quite vigilant when it comes to minor driving on public roads. The cops have issued numerous challans to the parents after catching their minor children driving or riding on the roads without a driving license. The fine is Rs 25,000 but the cops can add more violations including riding without a helmet and increase the fine amount of the fine. That did not happen in the cases mentioned above.

The cops can even send the parents to jail for one year if the child is caught driving underage. The law says that the parents are responsible for their minor children and they have to take the utmost care that the child follows the rules and laws. When it comes to driving, minors taking control of the vehicle can be dangerous. Even the insurance companies can reject any kind of claim if an accident happens when an illegal person like minor drives around in the vehicle.

Earlier, Hyderabad Police issued a strict warning to the parents of the minor children who ride motorcycles. The cops even detained the parents of the minor children who were caught driving cars and motorcycles illegally and sent them to jail overnight. A court judgement earlier asked the cops to hold the parents responsible for allowing the minor children to ride or drive cars and two-wheelers.

The legal age of getting a driving license in India is 18 years old. One can learn to drive or ride before that but in private places like a race track or a private road.

Have to wait till the age of 25 to get a license

The new section in the law, which came into effect in September 2019, minors may have to wait till the age of 25 to get a learner’s license if they are caught underage. The new 199A and the 199B of the Act say that there is a fine of Rs 25,000 and imprisonment of up to three years for the parents. As for the minor, the law says that the minor will have to wait for the age of 25 to get a learner’s licence, which is what you get before the permanent driving license in India.