Parish priest caught scratching parked car in Kerala: Caught on CCTV

CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras are now getting ubiquitous, and are exposing a lot of things – both good and bad. CCTVs are now one of the biggest sources of crazy videos on the road, and today, we have yet another incident caught on CCTV. What you’re going to see is going to surprise you. As the video indicates, a priest of a Parish in Kerala is seen getting out of his car, and intentionally scratching a parked car. Check the video out for yourself, post which you can read the explanation we have for the priest’s actions here.

But why did the priest scratch the parked Maruti Baleno?

The priest was in another car on the narrow road, which also had the parked Maruti Baleno. There was no space for the priest’s car to pass and while passing the red Maruti Baleno, the priest’s car actually rubbed against the parked car, and this led to a scratch on the priest’s car. Enraged by this, the priest gets out of his car, and looks for a stone. Stone in hand, he goes up to the red Baleno and scratches the bonnet of the car. The entire incident was caught on CCTV. To sum it up, it looks like an incident of road rage caused due to wrong parking. Whatever be the case, the priest has clearly erred by intentionally scratching the car. We hope that the authorities in Kerala act on the CCTV footage and prosecute the priest for vandalism.

Vandalism, and how to deal with it?

Parish priest caught scratching parked car in Kerala: Caught on CCTV

Such vandalism is quite common on Indian roads. From jealous people passing by to people who just want to get the kick of destroying someone’s else’s vehicle, acts of vandalism happen every other day, mainly in Indian cities where people and vehicles exist in very close proximity.

The only way to avoid your vehicle being vandalized is to get secure parking at all times. Since this is not possible everywhere, installing car dash cameras at the front and rear, which work even when the ignition is switched off, is one option. While this may not stop vandals from committing the act of vandalism, it’ll at least help your track down the perpetrators.

Another method is installing a car security alarm that sounds a loud alarm every time someone tries to fiddle with your car. False alarms may be a problem with this method though as even stray animals can trigger the alarm. In case of vandals though, such alarms do deter most of them as they attract attention due to their loudness.

If and when you feel the urge to be a vandal, and destroy someone’s property, refrain from doing so, whatever may be the trigger. Road rage – as seen in case of this priest – is one such trigger that needs to be curbed at all times. Do realize that such situations can escalate dramatically and cause major problems for you.