Parked bike moves on its own, spooking Social Media users

Social media is a bizarre place and every now and then we get to see things that we would not have believed otherwise. Here is a video that has become viral on the Internet after a person posted a 30-second CCTV clip. The clip posted by Amber Zaidi is quite interesting and also very spooky.

The clip shows an empty street with motorcycles and bicycles parked on the side. The CCTV clip shows that a bike, which is possibly a Hero Splendor moving on its own. There is no one near the bike or on the road. The bike that is parked on its side stand moves on its own, comes to the middle of the road and falls down.

Even the caption of the video says that if this incident was not recorded in a camera, no one would have believed it. We are not sure about the authenticity of the video or if someone was playing a prank. The video has otherwise become viral on the Internet.

What can be possible reasons?

Parked bike moves on its own, spooking Social Media users

It is possible that the bike was parked on a slant and the stand was not fully engaged. Over time, the bike started moving due to the slant and fell in the middle. We do not have a ghostbuster in our team but if you have any possible reasons that can cause this, please do share in the comments. In the past, there are many who have doctored videos to make them viral on the Internet and gain popularity. In a few cases, the videos become viral around the world.

Doctored videos achieve the results that social media users want to see. It is also possible that someone has pulled a rope on the bike and it slid to the middle of the road before falling down.

Many paranormal incidents across India

Now there are many paranormal automobile incidents that have been reported across India. The most famous of them has become diety and people travel from across the country to visit this place in Rajasthan. Om Banna temple near Jodhpur, Rajasthan is popular for its old Bullet. Legends say that youth was travelling on this Bullet when he met with an accident and died on the spot. The motorcycle fell in a nearby ditch. They took the bike to the police station to investigate the matter but somehow, the bike used to disappear from the station and mysteriously showed up at the spot of the accident. It happened for a few times after the locals started worshipping the Bullet 350.

Many travellers across India seek blessings at this temple. The Bullet 350 is kept inside a glass case and no one can touch it. While no one has seen the Bullet riding on its own or going from one place to another, the story is quite bizarre and is spooky too.

If you have any such paranormal stories that are related to automobiles, please do share them in the comments below. Also, if you have any explanation for the incident, please do write the same in the comment box.

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