Parking certificate to be mandatory to buy new car

The automotive sales in India are booming with lakhs of cars added to the roads every month. Accommodating the new cars with the limited space has become a major worry for the country. To tackle the situation, the central government is now planning to make car parking certificate before anyone get a new car.

Parking certificate to be mandatory to buy new car

An amendment to the Motor Vehicles Bill was introduced in August this year and if the bill gets passed, new buyers will have to obtain a parking space certificate from officials before buying a car. Addressing a conference, M Venkiah Naida, urban development minister said, “In future, I also want to share with you that no car or vehicle will be registered without an adequate parking space available certificate. I am very keen on this. I am holding a discussion with the surface transport minister and also sensitising the states. We would be moving in that direction,” Naidu.

“In future, it will be mandated. No permission will be given to any construction without a toilet,” Naidu, who was addressing a press conference on the launch of a toilet locator mobile application, added.

The bill that was introduced in 2016 has not yet passed in Lok Sabha but the government is said to be working on moving the bill forward as soon as possible. In 2015, Himachal Pradesh High Court made it mandatory for the people of the state to show proof of car park space before getting any new car registered in the Shimla municipal area.

The new bill will prove to be a major relief of the parking situation around the city areas as the most owners park their vehicles on the roads. If passed, the new bill also be decongested a lot of roads in the longer run. Indian automotive situation is moving towards better times with such reforms and by 2030, India also plans to be a major electric and hybrid vehicle market.

Shantonil Nag

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