Parking in Delhi may cost more in the near future

Parking fees in the national capital may have a three-fold hike in the coming months. The North and South Delhi municipal corporations have a proposal to increase the parking rate by three-fold of the current rates.

This means, in Delhi, people may have to shell out more money to park their vehicles in malls and shopping complexes. The proposal has been devised in order to encourage public transport and as a way to account for the high cost of lands which are currently misused for parking.

The municipal corporations’ proposal comes at a period when the special task force (STF), appointed by the High Court, has also suggested for a substantial hike in parking rates. The STF has proposed two different parking rates for peak and non-peak hour traffic. During peak hours, the STF has recommended a parking fee of Rs. 50 per hour and Rs. 50 for the next consecutive hour and during non-peak hours, the STF has recommended a parking fee of Rs. 30 per hour and Rs. 30 for the next consecutive hour.

What may cause worry among public is the STF’s recommendation of levying a monthly parking fee of Rs. 1,500 per vehicle per family or shop. Trader (shopkeeper) associations are already against these proposals for they feel that the government and civic agency should provide adequate parking spaces before increasing the fee. The transport department has already issued a public notice to residents in Delhi and has given a one month period for people to respond. Later, the STF will make suggestions based on the suggestions and objections of the public and later, will pass the proposal to the municipal corporation to implement it. Do you feel that the proposed parking fee is justified? Leave your comments below.