Part I -10 Classy Cars from DC Design

Snapshot – Car designs coming out of DC Design’s studios are either gorgeous or outrageous. When it comes to the Indian design house, there’s are no in-betweens really. When DC Design takes a restrained approach with minimalism being the focus, car designs turn out to be nice and classy. CarToq takes a look at ten classy looking cars that have rolled out of DC Design’s studios in a two part list. 

DC Ambierod

The Hindustan Ambassador is as good as dead as far as its production future in India is concerned. However, as far back as half a decade ago, Dilip Chhabria’s DC Design envisioned a hot rod future for the legendary India car by means of the Ambierod concept, which married high performance and luxury to the quintessentially Indian curves of the Ambassador. With a V12 petrol engine under its expansive hood, the Ambierod was one of the mad, yet classy designs to emerge from DC Designs.


The DC GO is a supercar concept that DC Design showcased at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show, a full three years before the Audi R8 hit production. Why the reference to the Audi R8? Well, because the DC GO concept shares an uncanny resemblance with the Audi R8, one of the rare cases of an Indian design serving as the inspiration for a globally successful supercar. A prototype developed for UK’s Noble Moy Automotive, the DC GO supercar featured a 2.5 liter, V6 twin turbo petrol engine that churned out 317 Bhp.

DC Mercedes Benz A-Class

Like we mentioned before, some of the best car designs to come out of DC Designs are the ones that have minimal themes. The DC Mercedes Benz A-Class is a mere matte wrap job along with red highlights to break the monotony of the matte grey wrap, and the result is quite electrifying. In fact, the DC A-Class is one of the best looking A-Class hatchbacks this side of the A45 AMG kit. Since the DC A-Class features minor cosmetic modifications, it is priced lower than other kits, making it terrific bang for the buck.

DC Renault Duster

One of the more recent cosmetic modification jobs to spawn out of DC Design, the DC Duster gets a classy body kit on the outside while the interiors are done up with the typical opulence that one has come to expect from this design house. The DC Duster’s interior modifications convert the compact SUV into a spacious and luxurious four seater. Priced at 3.49 lakh rupees exclusive of the donor car, the DC Duster kit completely transforms the SUV and is available at all DC Design showrooms across the country.

DC Hyundai Elantra

The DC Hyundai Elantra kit involves another matte gray wrap job allied to red highlights at strategic points of the car, a combination that works quite well on the outside. The edgy design which also involved new body work for parts such as the front grille and the rear bumper. The car rides on new alloy wheels and comes with a completely customized interior, replete with bright red leather and faux carbon fiber finishing for certain plastic surfaces. The interiors look over the top though. The DC Elantra is also one of the more affordable modifications from DC Design, considering the mild nature of the changes.