Near miss: Pedestrians narrowly escape getting crushed under a carelessly driven car [Video]

We often talk about how dangerous Indian roads are and how a driver has to be careful while he is on the road. The same applies to pedestrians too. There are many people who drive vehicles rashly and that often leads to accidents. Here we have a video of two lucky pedestrians who narrowly escaped from getting crushed under a car that was being driven carelessly. The video shows how the accident happened and how both these individuals managed to save themselves.

The video has been uploaded by MediaoneTV Live on their YouTube channel. The incident happened somewhere in Kerala. It was captured in a CCTV that was installed on the road. In this video, we see two people walking towards the zebra crossing to get to the other side of the road. One of them was speaking to someone on the phone while the other person was right behind him. As the first man approached the road, he stopped and cut the call. There is a curve on this section of the road and the CCTV captures all the vehicles passing through the road. We soon see a truck approaching the men and it passes without any problem.

After the truck passed, both of them started looking on both side of the road and prepared to cross the road. There were couple of bikers and they waited for them to go as well. While they were waiting, we see a Maruti Alto 800 car coming towards the direction were the men were standing. Both of them saw the car and waited for it to go but, it looks like the driver missed the curve. He was almost off the road and then suddenly turned the car back to the road. Now the car was coming towards the people standing on the road and they were directly in front of it. The men standing on the road were actually not prepared for this.

Near miss: Pedestrians narrowly escape getting crushed under a carelessly driven car [Video]

The person wearing Red T-shirt first pushed the to the road to save him from the car. When he saw that the car was now back on the road, he immediately pulled him back. All this happened in a matter of seconds and it looks like the person in the front was not aware of the car coming towards them. Both of them narrowly escaped the accident and luckily, there were no other vehicles on the road when this happened. The Maruti Alto driver might have probably not noticed the curve and that is the reason why he might have take the curve in such a manner. In this case, the car driver is at fault. The pedestrians were near the zebra crossing looking for a gap to cross the road.

In India, cars don’t often slow down when they see a pedestrian crossing. In many other countries, the drivers have to stop the car if they find a person crossing the road. No slowing down can invite fines. The quick response from the person standing behind saved lives of the people. It is not clear whether the car driver stopped the car after the incident or did he just simply drive away.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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