Tractor overturns on road: Pedestrians narrowly escape getting crushed [Video]

Driving on Indian roads can be hazardous and challenging at times, as evidenced by numerous examples on the internet. All road users, including drivers, riders, and pedestrians, must be vigilant at all times. There have been several incidents in the past where accidents were caused due to careless driving or riding. It is not unusual to encounter recklessly driven cars, motorcycles, buses, or trucks on our roads, which can lead to accidents, and in some instances, even fatalities. We have a video that showcases the lucky escape of two pedestrians who narrowly avoided being crushed under a tractor’s trailer that had overturned on the road.

The video was uploaded by Abhishek Haryana on their YouTube channel. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera installed on the roadside. There is no audio available, and the precise location of the accident is unknown. However, from the name of the YouTube channel, it is presumed that the accident took place somewhere in Haryana. When the video begins, we see a girl standing on the roadside, possibly waiting for a ride home. After waiting for some time, the girl walks away.

The video indicates that it is a bustling road with numerous vehicles. The precise time of the accident is unknown. Shortly after the girl departs, two men are seen walking towards the camera’s direction. As they walk along the roadside, two tractors zoom past them. Both tractors are being driven recklessly. One of the tractors is too close to the median, and as it nears the median cut, the trailer’s tyre traverses the median, causing the tractor to lose control.

Tractor overturns on road: Pedestrians narrowly escape getting crushed [Video]
Trailer toppled on road

The tractor’s trailer toppled over to the left, where the pedestrians were walking. One of the pedestrians ended up directly under the trailer, but his friend, wearing the blue jacket, pulled him back, rescuing him from being pinned down by the trailer. Both individuals miraculously managed to escape from the accident. Within seconds, the trailer was completely overturned. The pedestrians’ swift reactions saved their lives as the trailer came crashing down precisely where they had been standing. They were incredibly fortunate to have avoided the tragedy.

All of this occurred in just a few seconds. Following the trailer’s overturning, local residents hurried to assist the tractor driver. The tractor hauling the trailer had also gone down. The trailer, which is entirely constructed of metal, is exceedingly heavy. It remains unclear whether the driver sustained any injuries in the accident. The same pedestrians who narrowly escaped the incident can be seen rushing to the front of the tractor to provide aid to the driver. In this scenario, the tractor driver was negligent and failed to notice the median’s edge. It is also possible that the other tractor, which passed from the left side, left the driver with no other option than to steer the tractor closer to the median, resulting in the accident. Those operating heavy vehicles like this must be extremely cautious and maintain the speed limit when driving in urban areas to prevent such accidents.