Meet the people feeding stray animals by putting cars to good use during COVID-19 lockdown

The novel coronavirus has affected the population around the world and life has been put off track for many. With the humans under lockdown in all over India and migrant labourers going back home, most stray dogs have been left without regular food. Well, there are good Samaritans who regularly go out and arrange food for such stray dogs. Here are a few heart-warming pictures of people using their vehicles to offer food to the stray dogs in India. Do feel free to send us your pictures with your car or bike while feeding the dogs in the comments below.

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross – Kaustav Mukerji


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The most popular pick-up truck in the Indian market, the Isuzu V-Cross comes in really handy when the situation demands. The huge flatbed cargo space of the vehicle allows people to load up the essentials to distribute, especially in the time of crisis. In the past, we have seen many Isuzu V-Cross owners going out and distributing relief material during the floods. Here again, the team of V-Cross owners have come out to feed the dogs on the streets.

Mahindra Thar

Stray Animals Feeding Mahindra Jeep Featured


Mahindra Thar is an extremely capable vehicle which is why it is used in tougher terrains by the essential service providers. In Goa, the lifeguards use the Mahindra Thar as their official vehicles. During the lockdown, when the beaches and roads are empty, the lifeguards have been using their Thars to feed the stray dogs all around. Here are a few pictures from Drishti Marine.

Feed 1


Feed 3

Even electric rickshaws are being used by people to carry food and feed stray dogs in India. This picture is from Tamil Nadu and has been uploaded by Drishti Marine. We can see the dogs peacefully having their meal together in this picture.

Hyundai i20

Feed 5

Here is Paul Goswami from Bangalore who takes his car out daily to feed about 100-120 stray dogs and cats in the city. He is an IT professional and has been doing this since the lockdown has started. He is currently feeding the dogs in the Electronic City area but plans to expand to the rest of the city soon. More power to Paul!

Royal Enfield Bullet

Feed 4

Here is Shivanya Pandey, a 23 old resident of Pune using her Royal Enfield bike to reach the strays. She feeds about 30 dogs every single day. She says that the laws allow them to feed the dogs but on-ground cops and authorities create a lot of problems. She has been going out every single day since the lockdown to feed the stray dogs and cats in her neighbourhood.

It should be noted that dogs, cats or any other animal cannot catch or spread the novel coronavirus. Yes, there has been an isolated instance of a tiger getting infected in Bronx, USA but that’s an isolated case and doctors and researchers are still working to find out how it happened. If you have stray animals around your home, you can always lend a helping hand and feed them. With the restaurants closing down, the strays are finding it difficult to source food.

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