People going the wrong way on ‘Tyre Killers’ without any trouble [Video]

Weeks after the Ahmedabad Iskon flyover accident, the authorities have started taking action against people who ride or drive on the wrong side. They have installed tyre killers on many city roads to address this issue. A video showing the tyre killers after installation has surfaced online. This is not the first time we have seen the implementation of these tyre killers on Indian roads. However, it seems that a small device like a tyre killer is not enough to deter people from driving on the wrong side. Soon after the installation of the tyre killers, videos from the spot emerged showing people driving on the wrong side over the tyre killers without any trouble.

The first video has been shared by Roads of Mumbai on Twitter. In this video that is now circulating online, we see several vehicles going over a speed breaker. As the cars get on the speed breaker, the part with spikes installed on it simply goes down and does not puncture the tyres. In theory, the spikes were supposed to tear or pierce through the tyres of cars or bikes coming through the wrong side.

The spikes should directly come in contact with the tyres and not go down. However, in the first video, we see a Mahindra Bolero used by the Police, autorickshaws, and many other scooters and cars going over the tyre killer from the right side. At first glance, it might seem like people have started following the rules after the implementation of the tyre killers.

People going the wrong way on ‘Tyre Killers’ without any trouble [Video]

However, then there’s the second video that is now circulating on Reddit. The video shows a couple of vehicles going the right way on the same road that we saw in the first video. After a few seconds, the video shows bikers, auto-rickshaw drivers, and cars going the wrong way through the same road. It should be noted that the spikes are still deployed; however, somehow people have found a hack to avoid damaging their tyres. The bikers simply ride through the gap between the spikes. Since most of them have commuter bikes with narrow tyres, they fit through neatly. They also use their feet to push the spikes down before riding over them. On the other hand, car and auto drivers do not have the option to do that. They simply drive over the tyre killers from the wrong side, approaching very slowly to avoid puncturing their tyres.

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As mentioned above, this is not the first time tyre killers have been installed on roads. They have been installed in Noida, Pune, Mumbai, and many other cities. In most cities, the tyre killers have not been very successful. People either find a way to go over them or they simply destroy them. After the recent incident in Gujarat, where a Jaguar luxury car rammed into a group of people on the highway, killing nine and injuring thirteen others, the Gujarat High Court criticized the government and authorities for not taking action against violators. The court stated that the state doesn’t have the spine to implement traffic rules. The tyre killers were installed after this incident, and it seems the court’s criticism was justified.