Perfect example of the Indian MORON driver, caught on video

Bangalore’s NICE (Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise) road is notorious for high speed accidents, mainly caused by human error. Here’s a perfect example of the Indian moron driver, caught on video no less. Watch the Maruti Celerio driver brazenly drive on the wrong side of the high-speed highway, with total disregard for his personal safety, and the safety of fellow road users.

As the video indicates, the driver of the hatchback has switched on hazard lights, as his way of warning oncoming traffic. There are heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses plying this route, many in the direct path of the small car, which will be crushed to a pulp in case of a head-on collision, as would be the case with most such cars. Moreover, hazard lights are not meant to be used on a moving car. This is likely to confuse oncoming traffic, adding to the risk of an accident.

Why is driving on the wrong side so dangerous?

Wrong way driving/riding surprises other drivers. And a surprised driver at high speed is just the perfect recipe for an accident. To stay safe on the road, it’s important not to put yourself in a position where other road users don’t expect you to be in. This includes wrong way driving as most drivers driving on a road with a divider assume that nobody’s going to be coming from the opposite direction. So, they let their guards down a bit, and when suddenly someone comes from the wrong way, drivers tend to panic and go into a crash situation.

On a side note, there’s minimal policing on the NICE road, a prime reason why road rules are routinely flouted. From top speed runs to high speed drags, everything happens here. It’s about time that the authorities wake up and enforce traffic rules strictly even on the NICE road.