Petrol hatchbacks with ABS, EBD and at least 2 airbags: Full list

While still not mandatory in India, airbags offer the most comprehensive protection—especially to the front seat passengers in the unfortunate case of accident. Other safety features such as ABS and EBD on the other hand help prevent an accident.

i20 action pic road test

While automakers line up a slew of gadgets—they are cheaper to add compared with safety features—to lure you and me but at times scrimp on safety features. The important thing to know is that while gadgets are easy and inexpensive to add as aftermarket accessories later, safety features can often not be added once you buy a car. You cannot add ABS or airbags to a car without spending a lot of money.

In short, if you have the option, it might make sense to give greater important to safety features while buying a car.

And as you search for your next car, here is a list of 26 hatchbacks that have at least 2 airbags, ABS and EBD (see below). The cheapest hatchback with all three features is Maruti A-Star ZXI (Rs. 4.48 lakh) followed by Ford Figo 1.2 Duratec Titanium (Rs. 4.96 lakh). Hyundai i20 Asta (O) offers 6 airbags and ABS/EBD but comes at a much higher price of Rs. 6.44 lakh.

Petrol Hatchbacks in India with ABS, EBD and at least 2 airbags: Full list

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