Petrol price hike impact on hatchback owners!

What will be the increase in annual fuel bill for hatchback owners after the petrol hike to Rs 68.66 per litre (Delhi)?

Petrol prices have been increased from Rs. 66.84 per litre to Rs 68.66 per litre in New Delhi (a Rs. 1.82 hike) with effect from midnight today. This will not only force potential buyers to go for diesel cars but also result in a hike in fuel expenses for petrol car owners. Here is a CarToq analysis to help you find out how much your annual fuel cost will increase after this hike.

In this article we have computed figures for hatchbacks – premium and other cars. To calculate the annual fuel cost, we have used the claimed mileage (ARAI mileage) and assumed 8000 km/year as annual distance travelled.

Petrol price hike impact on hatchback owners!

Impact on small hatchback owners

Those who own the i10, Santro and Indica will suffer the most due to the hike in petrol prices as their annual fuel expenditure will increase by approximately Rs. 857. On the other hand Nano and Alto owners, will be least affected by the hike and will be spending around Rs.  607 – 728 more annually.

[table id=312 /]

Impact on premium hatchback  owners

In the premium hatchback category, Punto owners will see the biggest hike in their fuel bill, with annual expenses increasing by Rs.1, 040. On the other end of the spectrum those who own the Toyota Etios Liva, Micra, Swift or i20 will spend the least on fuel annually in this segment and will have to shell out Rs. 809 more on petrol annually.

[table id=313 /]

Price difference has been calculated based on average mileage figures for all cars and is not variant specific, actual price difference may vary.

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