Petrol prices hit Rs. 123 per litre in district of Rajasthan

As we all know, the price of petrol and diesel have increased significantly. It has been a few days since the prices crossed Rs. 100 per litre mark. Now, in Sri Ganganagar which is a district in Rajasthan, the prices have hit Rs. 123 per litre. Moreover, the price of diesel has also crossed Rs. 100 per litre mark. It is currently selling for Rs. 105.31 per litre in Sri Ganganagar.

Petrol prices hit Rs. 123 per litre in district of Rajasthan

The president of the Sri Ganganagar District Petrol Pump Dealers Association, Ashutosh Gupta said that 80 percent of petrol pumps are on the verge of closing because of the high price of petrol. He said, “Our district is selling the country’s costliest petrol. The reason being the depot from this district is over 500 km away and hence one needs to be commute for around 1,100 km which adds extra cost and hence comes this highest price,”

Because of the high price, people from Rajashthan are visiting Punjab to fill their fuel tanks. This is because the rate of petrol in Punjab is still 17 per litre cheaper whereas diesel is Rs. 11 per litre cheaper.

Petrol prices hit Rs. 123 per litre in district of Rajasthan

Mr. Gupta added “I met Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in this regard and asked him if the state government can bring down petrol diesel prices on a par with that of Punjab for three months and review the impact. If positive, we can continue with the model and if not, it shall be dropped. The king of the state should give a patient listening to the problems of its men, however, here there is nothing happening in this regard. No one seems to be working in this direction,”

As of now, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs. 105.4/litre. In Mumbai, the petrol is at Rs. 120.5/litre which is quite high. In Kolkata, the petrol is retailing for Rs. 115.1/litre and in Chennai, the rate is Rs. 110.8 per litre. The rate of diesel in Delhi is Rs. 96.67/litre, in Kolkata it is Rs. 99.83/litre. Just like petrol, the rate of diesel is high in Mumbai, it stands at Rs. 104.7/litre and in Chennai, it is Rs. 100.9 per litre.

The crude oil price increased on Monday but was steady on Tuesday. The supply of barrels can take a hit because Libya was forced to halt some of the exports due to some political protests.

Earlier, Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, Food and Civil Supplies Minister said, “The BJP government at the Centre has betrayed the people of the country by increasing the price of LPG by Rs. 50 and petrol and diesel rates. People were predicting that till the completion of assembly elections in Uttarakhand, UP, Goa, Manipur and Punjab, prices of petrol, diesel and LPG will not increase. In the past five months, the BJP government did not increase the prices. After winning the elections, they increased the prices. During Congress tenure, consumers were getting subsidy on LPG, but the BJP ended it.”

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