Petrol pump refuses to accept Rs 2000 note: Makes two wheeler owner empty petrol tank [Video]

In yet another peculiar move by the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India, Rs 2000 notes have been instructed to be exchanged or deposited in accounts by September 30th. This sudden announcement, similar to demonetization, has created a commotion in the country, with numerous individuals rushing to banks, businesses, and petrol pumps to exchange these notes. However, the problem arises as many of these businesses refuse to accept these notes, resulting in an even worse scenario. Recently, a man who went to a petrol station to refuel his scooter was asked to return the petrol that had been filled because he attempted to pay with a Rs 2000 note. The video capturing this incident has now gone viral.

The video, shared on Twitter by Haidar Naqvi, shows the man at the petrol pump where the employees proceed to drain the petrol from his scooter after refusing to accept the Rs 2000 note. In his tweet, Naqvi states, “In Jalaun, a man presents a Rs 2000 note at a petrol pump. The pump attendant refuses to accept the note and proceeds to siphon out the previously filled petrol from the scooter.”

From the video, we observe one employee engaging in a conversation with the person recording the video, while another employee is squatting on the floor, using a plastic pipe to extract petrol from the man’s scooter into a container. The video reveals the vehicle number and the faces of the employees involved in this unethical practice. According to reports, this incident took place at the Hindustan petrol pump in front of D Mart in the Orai Kotwali area of Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh. It was also reported that the man requested the petrol pump attendants to fill his scooter with Rs 400 worth of petrol, but when he attempted to pay with the Rs 2000 note, they refused to accept it and began removing the filled fuel from his scooter.

Petrol pump refuses to accept Rs 2000 note: Makes two wheeler owner empty petrol tank [Video]

For those still unaware, the RBI recently announced the withdrawal of its highest denomination currency note from circulation. The 2000-rupee note, introduced in 2016, will remain legal tender, but citizens have been asked to deposit or exchange these notes by September 30, 2023. This situation is reminiscent of the demonetization process, but this time it is expected to be less disruptive as the notes will be withdrawn gradually over an extended period.

For those wondering why this decision has been made, the answer lies in the fact that when the 2000-rupee notes were introduced in 2016, they were intended to swiftly replenish the currency in circulation after demonetization. However, the central bank has consistently expressed its desire to reduce the circulation of high-value notes and has ceased printing 2000-rupee notes over the past four years. Speculation has arisen that the Indian government implemented this measure due to the upcoming general elections, but no definitive statement has been issued. Apart from this speculation, the RBI or the Government of India has not provided any other specific reason for this action.