Petrol tanker on fire; Fearless driver drives it 5 km to save lives [Video]

A brave truck driver averted disaster by driving a fiery truck out of a petrol pump onto the open road. The incident happened yesterday night at a place called Narsinghpur in Madhya Pradesh. An oil tanker truck was emptying petrol into a fuel station when it caught fire. Driver Sajid risked his life, and drove the still-burning truck out of the petrol bunk for nearly five kilometers on open roads. Mr. Sajid sustained burns during the brave drive, and has been admitted to a hospital nearby. The fire was later doused by the fire department. Here is a video that shows how it all happened,

Driver Saijid explained what really happened,

I was initially looking to just escape from the place once the truck caught fire. But soon I realised, that I can get the vehicle to safety so that people in the petrol pump are not affected.

As the video indicates, the blaze seems big and even as the truck drives off from the fuel station, fuel spilling on the road ignites, leaving a trail of fire behind the truck. Even as the truck drives off, many other parts of the road it traverses seems to have caught fire. No others are said to be injured in the blaze apart from the driver. There’s no estimation yet of the loss of property due to the fiery truck.

Luckily, the truck did not explode even as it was being driven away through a thickly populated area. By risking his life, the driver may have just averted a major disaster as the fuel station generally holds a large quantity of inflammable fuels. Fires in fuel stations have the potential to kill 100s of people, especially if they happen in a thickly populated area – like the one surrounding this particular fuel station.

While refueling, it’s important to follow all safety procedure advised. Most fuel stations require people to stop using mobile phones while refueling. Moreover, smoking or bringing any flammable substance to a fuel station is very dangerous.