Plane crashes into Indian man’s Tesla Model X: He walks away!


As far as crazy car crashes go, this must have been the scariest. Indian-American Oniel Karup was driving his Tesla Model X SUV down Voss Road in Sugar Land, Texas, last week when his electric SUV along with multiple other cars on the road were hit by a crash-landing Cessna aircraft.

Plane Crashes Into Tesla Model X

The incident, which occurred on the 19th of September, saw Oniel and his son Aarav along with the other motorists on the road escape unhurt from the unlikeliest of car crashes. However, one of the agents from the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) aboard the Cessna was injured in the crash.

In a post on Facebook, Karup shared his story about the crash stating, “Many saw this on the news just now. And I’m getting calls with concerns about our safety. Want to let all my friends and family know that Aarav and I are completely fine. GOD and this CAR truly saved us today. Not a scratch on us. No one believed me when I called them to let them know a plane crashed into me.”

Plane Crashes Into Tesla Model X 2

Karup went on to state that when he called Tesla to inform them about the crash, they thought he was making a prank call. Karup’s wife even laughed when she first heard about the incident.

The crash which was caused after the DEA Cessna while on a training mission started experiencing mechanical issues forcing the pilot to attempt a landing on the road below in Sugar Land, Texas. Unfortunately, the landing didn’t go to according to plan and the light aircraft clipped a few power lines before crashing into the cars moving on Voss Road.

Plane Crashes Into Tesla Model X 1

Karup’s Facebook post shows just how bad the impact was when the Cessna crashed into the Model X SUV from Tesla and is a testament to just how safe the cars and SUVs made by Elon Musk’s car company are. A crash like that on the side of most cars running on India’s roads today would have been a lot more painful for those inside.

Speaking about Elon Musk,  the Tesla boss came to know about the accident after it went viral and a fan tweeted it out to him. Musk’s response on Twitter was simple yet to the point, “Wow, glad they’re ok!”