PM Modi’s brother Prahlad says seatbelts and airbags saved their lives during Mercedes crash

This Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s younger brother Prahlad Modi along with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson met a horrific accident while traveling to Bandipur. The good thing is nobody was injured. All the occupants of the vehicle are currently undergoing treatment in Mysuru. PM Modi’s brother has come out to the media, stating that they are fine and will be soon discharged from the hospital. While speaking to the media he stated that because of the seat belts, airbags, and the quick response of people they were saved from suffering any major injuries.

PM Modi’s brother Prahlad says seatbelts and airbags saved their lives during Mercedes crash

Prahlad Modi told the media, “The car belongs to my friend Rajashekar. There was another car too. We were heading to Bandipur National Tiger Reserve. I do not know what went wrong. The vehicle was not speeding. As we were wearing seat belts and airbags opened, the impact of the accident was minimal. The people in the accident spot and the police officials also responded on time which really saved us.” He further added that upon hearing about the accident PM Modi contacted him. Prahlad stated, “He called me Tuesday and asked about our condition. He also assured me that everything would be taken care of.”

According to reports the collision happened 13 kilometers outside of Mysuru City, close to Kadkola. Although the precise circumstances of the collision are still unknown, and it is unclear how the Mercedes-Benz GLS impacted the divider, it appears to have been a high-speed collision. The evidence at hand indicates that the automobile struck the divider while it was going fast. The Mercedes-Benz GLS’s front axle broke as a result of the collision. We saw from the photos that the SUV’s front was significantly damaged.

PM Modi’s brother Prahlad says seatbelts and airbags saved their lives during Mercedes crash

We have learned the value of seatbelt use in cars yet again thanks to this accident. Cyrus Mistry’s tragically recent passing also served as a clear example of the value of wearing a seatbelt. Recently, the WHO also produced a startling collection of statistics to help put light on this issue. Approximately 8 out of 10 (or approximately 83%) of those killed in road accidents in India in 2021, according to statistics made public by MORTH, were not using seat belts at the time of the incidents. Additionally, approximately 67% of those killed in collisions involving two-wheelers at the time of the accident were not wearing helmets at the time of accident.

According to a WHO research titled “Road Accidents in India 2021,” out of the 19,811 persons engaged in road accidents involving four-wheelers, 16,397 died, mostly as a result of not using seat belts. 7,965 of those who perished were passengers, while 8,438 were the persons who died behind the wheel. Around 3,863 of those who perished in this incident have been recorded from Uttar Pradesh, with Madhya Pradesh (1,737) and Rajasthan following (1,370).

Apart form the seatbelts according to the MoRTH minister the poor design of the roads, poor project reports, driver behaviour and enforcement issues are few the further contributing factors to the high number of fatalities in the country. He added that there are other common reasons like irresponsible driving behaviour such as rash driving, over-speeding, talking on the phone while driving and driving on the wrong side are behind the increasing accidents in India.