PM Narendra Modi’s latest ride is a 2 crore rupee Toyota LandCruiser [Video]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed a few cars in his previous and current terms. His official vehicle, the BMW 7-Series High Security is rarely seen in his convoy nowadays. In the past, we have seen the Third Citizen of India in the SUVs like Land Rover Range Rover and older-generation Toyota Land Cruiser in recent times. Narendra Modi has now been spotted with a new vehicle, a latest-generation Toyota Land Cruiser.

The video of his arrival in India from Thailand was aired by a few news channels and it shows the Prime Minister getting into a new Toyota Land Cruiser. Now, this is not the same Land Cruiser that he has been using for the last few months. This is the latest-generation SUV that has a listed price of Rs 1.7 crore, ex-showroom. The on-road price of this car will be around Rs 2 crore. Mind you, this is not the regular Toyota Land Cruiser. This is a heavily armoured vehicle that carries one of the most important people of the country. Toyota officially does not offer armoured vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and BMW. So the vehicle has to be armoured from an outside agency. The exact cost of the armouring and the level of armour that has gone into the vehicle remains a top-secret since the vehicle belongs to the Prime Minister.

In recent times, the official vehicle of the Prime Minister of India has been updated quite a few times. Earlier, the official vehicle for the Prime Minister used to be Hindustan Motors Ambassador. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first minister to get the BMW 7-Series has official cars. Manmohan Singh also used the BMW 7-Series High Security during his tenure as Prime Minister in India.

PM Narendra Modi’s latest ride is a 2 crore rupee Toyota LandCruiser [Video]

When Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, he used an armoured Mahindra Scorpio to reach the swearing-in ceremony. This is the same vehicle that the Narendra Modi used for election campaigns and his tenure as a chief minister in Gujarat. He then started using the BMW 7-Series, which is the official vehicle for the Prime Minister of India. Later Narendra Modi also started using a Land Rover Range Rover Sentinel during his visits to various cities in India. The armoured Range Rover was spotted with him quite often. Then he was spotted using the older-generation Toyota Land Cruiser. Currently, he is using the latest generation model of the Land Cruiser.

The vehicle gets powered by a 4.5-litre V8 diesel engine that produces a maximum of 262 Bhp and peak torque of 650 Nm. Since adding the armour increases the weight of the vehicle by quite a lot, such powerful engines are a must. The Land Cruiser also gets a 4X4 system and many other high-tech features that make it capable on the rough terrains.