Police cancel driving license of Mahindra Thar driver after viral stunt [Video]

The incidents of rash driving and creating ruckus on public roads to attain two-second fame on social media are only increasing day by day. In the spree of such incidents, a new video has surfaced on the internet, in which a group of youngsters are creating a nuisance on a public road in a Mahindra Thar convertible. The video was made by the youngsters for gaining attention on social media, which has irked both netizens and local police, who have started an investigation into the whole issue.

The incident has been reported from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, where a group of youngsters filmed a video of driving a Mahindra Thar convertible and creating ruckus while disturbing other motorists on the road. In the video, the youngsters are seen driving the Thar in a railway underpass, shouting and creating a ruckus on the road.

The Mahindra Thar here is accompanied by a couple of more cars, in which more youngsters are following the same actions. While doing all this, the youngsters deliberately blocked the movement of other motorists on that road and created a nuisance. The video also shows the group of youngsters standing dangerously on the seats of the open-top Thar, beyond its seating capacity. Even the youngsters in other vehicles accompanying the Thar are seen popping out of the windows and shouting unnecessarily.

Youngsters made the video viral

Police cancel driving license of Mahindra Thar driver after viral stunt [Video]

The youngsters filmed the whole incident and published it on social media, and while it attracted the attention of netizens, it also came to the notice of the Uttar Pradesh Police. A swift enquiry and quick action have been ordered by Uttar Pradesh police, who have started an investigation into the whole matter.

In a media interaction, the police ordered the cancellation of the driving license of the owner of the vehicles involved, and their seizure too. It is expected that all the people involved in this act of nuisance will be penalized under Section 207 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

The incidents of people creating ruckus and nuisance for other motorists by driving dangerously on public roads and filming them for their social media content. Such videos gain attention on social media, but negatively and are a bad influence and example of how not to follow traffic rules on public roads. The increasing frequency of such incidents has forced police teams to take strict action against such hooligans, who are putting the lives of themselves and others at risk.

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