Police cancels Thar and Fortuner owners’ driving licenses after stunt video goes viral [Video]

The occurrence of people engaging in stunts on public roads has witnessed a troubling rise, particularly driven by the desire for social media attention. Despite repeated instances of law enforcement issuing fines to such offenders, their behavior continues unabated. A recent incident in Chandigarh serves as an example, wherein a group of individuals drove through the city streets while hanging out of their vehicle windows and recording themselves. As a consequence, their driving licenses were revoked.

The incident took place in Sector 48 of Chandigarh. The convoy consisted of multiple Mahindra Thars and Toyota Fortuners, with several individuals hanging out of their vehicles. The video showcases a complete disregard for lane discipline, with the vehicles creating chaos on the roads. Shockingly, these reckless actions occurred during daylight hours, with some men even sitting on the vehicle roofs or hanging out of the windows.

The Chandigarh Police promptly received the video evidence and took immediate action. In addition to issuing fines to the vehicle owners, the police forwarded the video to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and recommended the cancellation of their driving licenses. As a result, three driving licenses were revoked once the video went viral. It remains uncertain if any arrests have been made by the police in connection with the incident.

Police cancels Thar and Fortuner owners’ driving licenses after stunt video goes viral [Video]

Performing stunts on public roads is illegal

Performing any kind of stunts on public roads is strictly prohibited, and individuals engaging in such acts can face severe consequences. Last year, a group of Mumbai youths found themselves behind bars for six months after performing a similar stunt. While such incidents are relatively common, they often go unnoticed by law enforcement. It is only when a video surfaces or the incident is captured by CCTV cameras that the police initiate an investigation.

Viral videos have frequently landed individuals in trouble, particularly when they involve breaking road rules. Thanks to the implementation of the online challan system, the police now have the capability to issue fines even if the violation doesn’t occur directly in front of them.

Most major cities have established a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras that are closely monitored by dedicated police personnel. Violations are detected by tracking the vehicle’s registration number, and fines are issued accordingly. However, it’s worth noting that some online challans may be erroneous due to faulty or incorrect number plates.

India has one of the highest rates of road accidents in the world, with a significant proportion being fatal. Many lives are lost due to reckless driving and the failure to adhere to traffic rules. The objective of surveillance systems is to reduce the number of individuals who engage in dangerous maneuvers on the roads, thereby enhancing overall road safety.

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