Police issue youngsters a challan of Rs 62,000 for driving dangerously in rain

The Ghaziabad police have issued challan of over Rs 62,000 to three youngsters for performing stunts and driving dangerously on the public roads. The youths were performing stunts with three cars in the rain on Sunday afternoon. They were identified after a video of them performing stunts became viral on the Internet.

The incident took place in the Vijay Nagar area of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. While the locals say that these youths were using sirens and were driving their vehicles in a zigzag way on the roads, the video shows something else too. The video, which has now become viral shows the youngsters hanging out of the vehicle from the windows. There are three cars in total that are driving rashly on the roads.

After the cops watched the video, Superintendent of Traffic, Ramanand Kushwaha said that the police noted down the registration numbers of the vehicles from the video. They tracked down the vehicles and issued multiple challans to the drivers of the three vehicles.

The three drivers have been identified as Suraj Pal Singh, Rahul Nagar and Shekhar Kumar. All of them are aged above 20 years.

Kushwaha said, “There were around four people in every car. Singh got challans for racing (Rs 5,000), driving without a licence (Rs 5,000), for violating norms of sound pollution (Rs 10,000), for not having a car insurance certificate (Rs 2,000). Nagar got challans of Rs 5,000 for performing stunts, Rs 5,000 for driving without a licence and Rs 10,000 for violating norms of sound pollution. Kumar was given a challan of Rs 20,000 for performing stunts, driving without a licence and violating the norms of sound pollution.”

Police issue youngsters a challan of Rs 62,000 for driving dangerously in rain

Viral videos used as evidence

The cops are now using viral videos to issue challans. This is not the first such incident in Ghaziabad where the offenders were tracked using video footage. In the past, two girls doing stunts on Royal Enfield motorcycles and youths doing stunts on Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza received challan from the police on the basis of viral videos.

Doing any kind of stunts on public roads is illegal and the violators can even go to jail along with paying massive fines. Doing stunts on public roads can land you in a spot due to various reasons. If anyone wants to practice stunting or want to record videos, it should be done on private property such as race tracks and even farmhouses. Also, one should take note that such stunts are extremely dangerous.

The video of the youths shows them sitting on the bonnet of the vehicle while it is moving through the traffic. Both the youngsters are clicking pictures and also talk to each other while the vehicle keeps on moving. None of them is wearing any kind of safety equipment like a helmet or protective gear like a knee pad or elbow protectors. Any mishap can go wrong during such stunts. Imagine just slipping down from the bonnet while the vehicle keeps on moving. It can end in a disaster.

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